RGV targeted Allu Arvind for the very late reaction on casting couch

very late reaction on casting couch

rgv letter to allu aravind

Ram Gopal Varma posted a letter on his Facebook page replying to Allu Arvind’s comments in a recent press meet. This is how he responded to all the points.

1. Arvind said he has good respect in the industry. RGV answered saying who said you don’t have respect in the industry?
2. Arvind said that we discussed the issue of Sri Reddy in film chamber number of times. I personally attended 2 meetings. RGV gave a counter saying that this issue has to be spoken publicly. U responded instantaneously to the allegations about Pavan Kalyan but why haven't u commented at least once regarding the casting couch though you are a powerful person in the industry?
3. We have to set up a committee to discuss such issues. We will take serious actions if we find any sexual harassment in the industry. RGV responded to this saying I was asking you the same thing from last 20 days.
4. Responding to Allu Arvind that he will be a member of the executive committee he said that’s great.
5. Arvind alleged that RGV is deceiving the Telugu film industry. RGV responded to this by saying by putting allegations on power star who got lakhs of fans, I am deceiving myself and not the industry.
6. Arvind said when I saw a video of RGV, I could clearly understand that RGV is behind all the allegations Sri Reddy made on Pavan Kalyan. RGV replied this saying I said openly in the video I did that myself. There is nothing to say that u understood something from that.
7. Arvind asked where RGV could get 5 crores to offer Sri Reddy. Does any know about the financial status of RGV? RGV replied back saying this we can clearly understand that Arvind didn’t watch the video. I said that I will try to speak with Suresh and arrange 5 crores. Please watch the video at least now.
8. Arvind alleged that RGV is using Sri Reddy to show his anger on Pavan’s fans. He responded to this saying Arvind sir…Pavan has lakhs of fans. As a filmmaker,
does anyone keep anger or revenge on fans?

9. Arvind asked how you would feel if someone speaks an abusive language in front of your mom or sister. RGV responded saying that even I do have ethics. I never used abusive words. U can ask anyone. But I clearly explained the instance in the video.
10. Arvind alleged that RGV is blaming the mother who fed him milk. RGV countered this statement saying does this industry belong to you or Pavan Kalyan or mega family? Did u people give me the break in the industry?
11. Arvind asked who all are there behind RGV to defame Pavan Kalyan. RGV answered to this saying that Pavan Kalyan is a superstar and leader who has reached the skies. Who am I to degrade that much of fame? You believe it or not there is no political party or individual behind me. I have been commenting on Gods, incidents, celebrities, and governments since past 10 years.
12. Arvind alleged that RGV is an intelligent criminal. I am depressed because of him. RGV answered that he has lots of respect towards Arvind and it will always be there. What he did was 100% wrong. He said I apologize to Arvind, Pavan Kalyan, his family members and all the fans. He promised Arvind that he will never comment negatively either on him or any of his family members.


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