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Publish a Kindle e-Book

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Kindle e-Book

Publishing an e-book is yet another passive way of generating loads of money through one-time hard work. Many e-books for Kindle sell from 200-300INR with over 5 lakh copies being sold. Now you do the math, 200 x 5, 00,000 and you’ll know how much of an easy earning way it is!


  • Written proficiency in English or other major languages.
  • Ability to provide detailed insight on a particular topic.
  • Ability to provide simple yet extraordinary tips on common problems.


  • Flexible work hours.
  • One time investment can lead to millions.
  • Huge exposure of your book all the world over.


Income of an e-book depends on the content, pricing and demand of the people. A well-written book which follows all the hard and fast trends will meet the demands of the mass and thus, will generate plentiful of revenue.


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