Nude protest strips Tollywood, however Sri Reddy forged enter eerie hush.

Sri Reddy forged enter eerie hush

The dull underbelly of Tollywood was uncovered on Saturday by an audacious — some may even call it progressive — semi-naked challenge by yearning performing artist Sri Reddy. What’s more, she conveyed to the fore a putrefying twisted in Telugu film — the throwing love seat. While proficient makers and chiefs as a rule avoid such conduct, there have been examples of on-screen characters griping of sexual misuse. Also, a day after Sri Reddy’s chilling challenge, she asserted her proprietor, a government employee, had requested that her empty her home. There were additionally few voices in her help, not even from Tollywood’s famous ladies’ unit. A quiet slipped in filmdom, notwithstanding a solid judgment of Sri Reddy’s demonstration by the Movie Artistes Association (MAA).


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