Nagarjuna and Ramgopal Varma Officer Movie teaser review

Officer Movie teaser rating 2/5

Ram Gopal Verma’s latest film officer offers a seemingly different take on a cop story where the ‘officer’ is said to be ferocious. Starring Nagarjuna, officer seems like every other cop story we have seen yet there are some aspects in the teaser that I really found intriguing. The teaser doesn’t speak much but we get a little hint that this might be some kind of a good
cop turning bad kind of story.

Adding a young girl who looks like Nagarjuna’s daughter in the movie makes it a lot personal. Like I said, just like any other cop film. The VFX seems average to me, nothing they couldn’t have done some five years ago, so the technical aspects doesn’t seem very latest. The direction however looks raw, something all of RGV’s works boast of.

There are a couple of scenes in the teaser where the characters are moving with the camera right in front of them as if they filmed it with a selfie stick. Only, they aren’t holding any sticks. I found this rather amusing. One thing is sure though, these scenes will be definitely more immersive so we might find ourselves inside the movie for a moment.
Although, the plot looks beaten up I would try the movie solely because of the fresh direction the movie is promising. Here’s the teaser. And yes, tell us what you feel about the teaser in the comments below. We love to hear from you guy.

Pros: 1. Music
2. Plot in the movie

Cons: 1. Not great camera work
2. Doesn’t look like high budget movie, looks like low budget movie.
3. Average VFX
4. Even Nagarjuna doesn’t look that great

Overall Rating: 2/5


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