Grand father’s secret medicine formula made him to start entrepreneur journey

Interview with Amitabh-CEO of Gavyachetna


“Life is too short to be living somebody else’s dream.” Hugh Hefner

Soshal: Hi Mr. Amitabh. How are you?
Amitabh: I am good.
Soshal: A brief introduction about your business story.
Amitabh: I was brought up in Gujarat. Most of my friends are business minded. I was not happy with the corporate life and so thought of starting my own business. I like helping poor families. I have a business of Aurthofit oil, an Ayurveda oil for joints and nerve pains and a unique kind of paper products which are made of cow dung.Another product which I am into is pencil which is made from recycled newspapers. I promote these 100% Eco-friendly products.

Soshal: How is your business life compared to life as an employee?
Amitabh: Compared to corporate life which I lived, this life is relaxed. But yes we have to put 100% effort. I take good energy out of me to put the things in a proper way.
Soshal: What made you start your own business?
Amitabh: I have 15 years of corporate experience. I was not enjoying though the money was good and I was not happy doing the work what the management asks us to do. Without using our brain we have to work. I was looking for some satisfaction and happiness in my life.

Soshal: Where did you get the idea of this business?
Amitabh: as I came from a business family I always had the thought of starting my own business. Accidentally I got back pain and had to spend lakhs on homeopathy and allopathy for about 3 to 4 years but there was no relief.  When my father gave me an oil I got relief from day 1 and the pain was totally cured in a month. This was my grandfather’s formula who was a doctor. So I thought that people should know about this and started with Aurthofit. Paper made with cow dung and pencil with recycled newspapers are other unique products because of which we can save our environment.
Soshal:  Do you have a dispensary or manufacturing unit in Hyderabad?
Amitabh: I do all things from my home. These product’s manufacturing is done by my father in my hometown. I get those things packed from there and distribute it over hear. similarly, for paper products, we get it from the manufacturer directly. I get it over here according to the requirement.
Soshal: What is your marketing strategy?
Amitabh: You can go to the website called Gavyachetna. Here u can find all the paper products. For the oil,you can go to Along with these websites, I use Twitter,Facebook,and social media to showcase my products.

Soshal: What is your strength?
Amitabh: All these products are unique and are not available anywhere in the world. That itself is my strength.
Soshal: Any achievements so far?
Amitabh: I have received best GavyaSiddh award for last 2 years at the national conference of PanchGavya held at Dwaraka and Kurukshetra.

Soshal: How do you generate new ideas?
Amitabh: My wife is a very big strength to me. I talk to her lot about new things. She comes up with a lot of ideas.
Soshal: Any dreams or ambitions?
Amitabh: My products should be best in the world. I have to maintain quality and have to see that my products are best and topmost in the world.
Soshal: What principle do u follow to maintain a strong customer relationship?
Amitabh: Whatever I preach I do it.

Soshal: Any winning formula for your success?
Amitabh: If u love your work that is more than enough.
Soshal: what’s your advice as a successful entrepreneur?
Amitabh: You do what you love. Follow that route.
Soshal: What are your plans for the coming 2 to 5 years?
Amitabh: By next 2 to 5 years I will be in a position where I can give employment to at least 200 people or more.

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