Dr.Vijaya Bhaskar predicting healthcare is going to be inexpensive and easily treatable with the help of stem cells

Dr. Vijaya Bhaskar Says No More Pills, we treat with your cells. Cells are more effective than pills


Stem cell therapy is gaining popularity all around. This therapy has the potential to treat more than eighty disorders from Autism to Diabetes and Leukemia to Thalassemia by using stem cells. To be more certain, one day it could replace expensive, painful and routine conventional therapies to treat a multitude of chronic and acute diseases.

Dr. Vijaya Bhaskar is a well-renowned diabetology and Stem Cell physician having over 19 years of experience. He did MD in diabetology. When he was in the starting of the career, he came to children suffering from thalassemia. It’s a blood disorder. People used to transplant blood for this which was very expensive. When he had an association with someone who is into stem cell research in Italy, he got inspired and joined Manipal. Being the first person who came out of Manipal School of regenerative medicine, he started his journey as a Stem Cell physician.
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                       Origin of Bhaskara hospital
When he was practicing, Dr. Vijaya Bhaskar thought of starting his own hospital. He started Bhaskara Hospital in the heart of Kondapur in Hyderabad. The hospital deals into anti-aging, aesthetic (surgical and non-surgical cosmetics) and Stem Cell i.e., regenerative medicine. “From pills to cells is the slogan we are promoting,” says Dr. Bhaskar. He says till now only medicines could help the diabetics. But with the help of stem cells, diabetic reversal can be done. Even for hair regrowth, thyroid, and fibrosis in mouth, alcoholics, and smokers where lungs are damaged this cell therapy are being used. With this method nerves, blood vessels and even muscles can be regenerated.

Equipped with technologically advanced healthcare facilities and a team of doctors including specialists, Bhaskara hospital handles various types of medical cases. The hospital is providing much-advanced services like anti-aging, aesthetics and regenerative medicine along with the regular services like pediatrics, diabetology, and skincare.  A team of well-trained medical and non-medical staff and experienced clinical technicians work 24/7.
stem therapy                                       Future Plans
Apart from Bhaskara Hospital, Dr.Vijaya Bhaskar does consultations in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. Dr. Vijaya Bhaskar is trying to go broader into the stem cell science and want to start an institute. He wants to provide better education and work on more clinical applications. To date, there are only private stem cell banks. As most of the people can’t afford this, Dr.Bhaskar wants to start a public stem cell bank.

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