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Controversial Salman Rushdie’s most popular books

Salman Rushdie – A bold content writer

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Ahmed Salman Rushdie is a very famous but controversial British Indian Author, essayist and novelist. His first book being a sci-fi fantasy named Grimus but his second book Midnight’s Children opened the doors of fame and boosted his literary career and for which he also won Booker Prize. His book ‘The Satanic Verses’ became a victim to a huge controversy which led Muslims to Protest, calling for his assassination for profanity against Islam.
His words frequently capture post-colonial realism, bold content and fictional history. In recognition of his Literary talent and contribution, Queen Elizabeth II knighted him in 2007. His works always draw much attention from avid readers, critiques.
We have tried to collect some of his best works in the following list which you must read at least once in your lifetime.

Midnight Children
Midnight childrenPrice- ₹299
Rating- 4 Stars

This book won Booker Prize and has attained a stature of a classic novel. The protagonist of this book named Saleem was born at the stroke of midnight of 15th August when Pakistan and India became two independent nations with special telepathy powers. The novel explores his life which was a victim of cyclonic events in Indian History like Emergency Period, Indo-Pak War and what not.
a) Complex to read.
b) Contains enchanting realism which touches the hearts of its readers.
c) It also embeds humour which keeps readers engaged.

Haroun And The Sea Of Stories
Haroun And The Sea Of Stories
Price- ₹295
   Rating- 4 Stars

Haroun and his parents are the only cheerful people in the gloomy city of Alifbay. Rashid, Haroun’s father is the greatest story teller whose enchanting story blooms laughter in his city but at the same time takes his attention away from his family which results in the elopement of his wife. Haroun blames Rashid for this. Overwhelmed with this blame, he loses his talent. Guilty of this loss, Haroun decides to make things right and hence, an enthralling adventure begins.
a) Magical fantasy with lots of analogies and imagination which intrigues readers.
b) Delightful reading along with clever puns.

The Golden House
The Golden House
Price- ₹755
Rating- 4.5 Stars

A man along with his three sons move in to New York City on the day President Barack Obama inaugurated in the neighbourhood of René, an aspiring filmmaker. He finds them mysterious trying to separate themselves from their old identity and decides to feature a film on them. In his quest, he unfolds several answers about his neighbours whom he discovers being of Indian origin. The father’s wife had died as a victim of 26/11 attacks on Mumbai. On the top of that all the three children had identity issues of their own.
a) This book tackles identity issues of several kinds.
b) Instead of magical realism, Rushdie here captures realism.
c) The plot is gripped with politics, sentiments, love and loss which keeps readers touched and intrigued.


Price- ₹421
Rating- 4 Stars  

The plot revolves around the protagonist Omar Khayyam Shakil who is raised by the milk, affections and morals of three mothers namely Chunni, Munnee ad Bunny. Omar is depicted as an embodiment of shamelessness. He falls in love with his patient Sufia who is depicted as an embodiment of Shame. Shame is an undesired notion that impregnates human psyche with acute guilt and discomfort.
a) Shame is an astounding piece of work which is about family, politics, mindset that hampers the society.
b) Unique style or writing; complex to read.

Joseph Anton: A Memoir
Joseph Anton A MEMOIR
Price- ₹299
Rating- 4 Stars

After the violent reactions of Muslims following the publishing of ‘The Satanic Verses’ , the supreme leader of Iran rendered him ‘Fatwa’ Salman had to run for life. During this struggling period of exile, Rushdie wrote this autobiographical book. It talks about his friendship, break up with his second wife, his fears, troubles in the battle of the freedom of expression. ‘Joseph Anton’ was the pseudonym he used during this period to protect himself.
a) This book lets the readers peep into the struggle which author experience amidst severe threat to life.
b) Not like Rushdie’s other works.




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