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Best Of Khushwant Singh

KHUSHWANT SINGH is one of the most renownedauthors, Rajya Sabha member, journalist, lawyer, columnist in India. He was also a Rajya Sabha member, professional lawyer & diplomat. He rose to the fame from his book ‘Train to Pakistan’ in 1956 which was inspired by his own personal experience during partition of India in 1947. He was a sensitive writer who portrayed realism in his works. Not only a novelist, he was also a commendable short-story writer. Although his education was western, yet his roots were Indian.
His works won the hearts many due to his crystal-clear observation and depiction of nothing less than what was reality. He reflected painful realities of violence, starvation, and various aspects of his contemporary Indian society.
His works are must-read for all the book lovers & fanatics out there.  And just for your cause, we have prepared a list of some of his widely popular literary works that you should give a read at least once in your life.

Train To Pakistan

train to pakistan
Price- ₹142

Rating- 4 Stars

Inspired by his traumatic experience of partition of India in 1947, Khushwant Singh wrote this book and sowed the seed of his literary career. In this book, Singh depicts the disturbance of Partition in the otherwise peaceful and harmonious bordered village of ‘Mano Majra’which led to communal riots between Hindus & Sikhs on one side and Muslims on others. It is a sincere book on the turmoil, trauma and tragedy of Partition with an underlying love story.

a) This book is not a light reading. It is a realistic depiction of horrors of partition which renders the heart of readers.
b) The suffering & panic of innocents, the grim thought of innumerable slaughtered dead body sensitises the heart of readers.
c) It was also adapted in a movie.

Delhi: A Novel

delhi a novel
Price- ₹220

 Rating- 4.5 Stars

This book is an erotic, humorous yet sensitive piece of work. It explores the city of Delhi with its noises, hubbub history, lifestyle.The narrator is a fallen journalist whose love for Delhi is compared to his love for a eunuch, Bhagmati. The story takes shifts of time moving backwards and forwards. It collects information of the Anti-Sikh riots of 1984, history of Mughal dynasty, assassination of Mahatma Gandhi & Indira Gandhi and what not.

a) Gives a good historical account of Delhi to its readers.
b) Written in a unique manner, this informative novel keeps its readers involved.

The Company Of Women

the company of women

Rating- 4 Stars

This bawdy erotica celebrates the relationship of love, sex and passion between a man and a woman. Revolving around a millionaire Businessman named Mohan Kumar, this book talks about his relentless sexual desire. Mohan who is happy about his separation with his wife, reveals about his sexual encounters with several women both during, before and post-marriage.

a) From some American Jessica Browne, to whom he lost his virginity to Sarojini Bhardwaj, a lady professor, this text is a raunchy piece of work talking about the life of a man and his sexual encounters.

Truth, Love & A Little Malice

truth love and a little malice
Price- ₹380

Rating- 4.5 Stars

It is an autobiography of the famous Khushwant Singh. He freely expresses his personal experience during those major significant events that took place in India during his lifetime like the Partition of India, Anti-Sikh Riots, Operation blue Star et cetera. Singh also mentions about his relations with distinguished personalities like Indira Gandhi, his sexual encounters, the journey of his professional life and other personal thoughts & emotions.

a) Takes, readers closer to the life of such a renowned personality.
b) Just like the frank nature of his writings, Singh’s candid portrayal of his life, keeps readers intrigued and involved in the book.

The End Of India

the end of india
Price- ₹200

   Rating- 4.5 Stars

Targeting the communal violence in India, this sensitive book makes an attempt to make its readers understand how in the name of religion man has made himself a demon, most brutal creature. It takes into consideration many instances like Anti-Sikh Riots of 1984, Violence in Gujarat of 2002 et cetera. Meant to strike the readers hard to make them understand the sad truth of the polluted combination of religion with politics.

a) This thought-provoking book is prophetic in nature presenting the harsh truth in India.
b) This passionate book is trying to alert Indians of the sad atrocities of religion and politics nowadays.

The Vintage Sardar

the vintage sardar
Price- ₹188

Rating- 5 Stars

Khushwant Singh was an eminent writer, columnist & journalist. His life was full of experiences from tremendous events which left a huge impact on him, making him one of the most realist, frank and thought- provoking writers. This book is the collection of several of his articles and essays on numerous topics ranging from famous personalities to God, pets, customs, sex and what not.

a) Contains his widely read articles and essays.
b) Good for light reading.


Price- ₹220

Rating- 4 Stars

Reflecting upon his own life, in this book Singh talks about the several lessons he learned from the experiences he had in his life. Not only this, Singh also talks about the ways to live a fulfilled life embedded with laughter, sex & poetry. He also talks about politics, old age and death.

a) Good for light reading.
b) Avid readers of Khushwant Singh may find this book echoing his earlier books and thereby may find the content recurring.

I Accuse

i accuse
Price- ₹197

Rating- 4 Stars

After the assassination of the Prime-Minister Indira Gandhi by her two Sikh bodyguards, the Sikhs especially in Delhi were subjected to extreme violence and slaughter for three days killing thousands. This powerful piece of works seeks answers to questions of delayed justice, purpose of the riots, right to lifeet cetera. It expresses the traumatic stories of survivors, their experience, those devastating three days that shook Indian Democracy.

a) It moves readers to read or even think about the mental shock which the innocent victims must have gone through.
b) It makes readers questions of the need of such anti-humanistic events that bring no good but devastation and shame for the citizens of the country.





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