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Best Facewashes for Women to keep their face fresh and glowing

Get the best results with these proven face washes


In our everyday activities, hectic schedule, under the burden of meeting commitments, we often don’t get time for ourselves. We forget to give the required proper attention to our body, our skin which leads to settling down of unwanted oiliness, greasiness, black heads, black impurities on our otherwise glowing face.

It not only dulls our looks but also reduces our confidence which must always excel. It is essential to take care of our body, our face as much as we take care of our deadlines and commitments. Women must opt for the best when it comes to make essential choices related to themselves and never settle for second best.

Thus, to bring out your glowing skin, if hiding under the hubbub of your hectic routine, we have prepared a list of 5 best faced-washes which will bring out the best in you.

Himalaya Neem Face Wash

Price- ₹112
Rating- 4.5 Stars

Suitable to all skin-types, this product helps in fighting and preventing pimple with its use of twice a day, everyday. It gentle massage in circular motion on your face helps in moistening your skin and serves as a medication for acne-prone skin. Enriched with the goodness of vitamin E and other herbal actives, this product makes your skin soft, oil-free and clear.
a) Refreshing fragrance.
b) Removes greasiness & pimples with its timely use.
c) Consumers have also experienced smooth, glowing skin with its use.
d) Bigger packages with more quantities are also available.

Pond’s Pure White (100g)


Rating- 4 Stars

This HUL product contains activated charcoal which actively wipes off all the pollution particles and impurities from your face and gives your skin its natural glow. It cleanses your face and makes it free from any unwanted impurities. Its regular use gives you a fresh, oil-free feel.
a) Well recommended especially for oily skin, since it removes dust as well as oil.
b) Bigger packages with more quantities are also available.

Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash

Price- ₹141
Rating- 4.5 Stars

Gentle massaging your face after applying small amount of this face wash on your wet palm helps in preventing pimples as well as removing excess oil in your skin. It helps in making your skin clean and clear with its daily usage twice a day. It requires avoiding the area near your eye and rinsing the face wash off thoroughly for a glowing skin.
a) Does not clog pores.
b) Helps in preventing Acne.
c) Economical
d) Bigger packages with more quantities are also available.

Lakme Blush & Glow Strawberry (100g)

Price- ₹189

Rating- 4.5 Stars

Enriched with fragrance & goodness of Strawberry extracts, beads and anti-oxidants which cleanse your skin and sweep off any unwanted impurities. Its gentle massage and thorough rinsing can bring outstanding glow to your face.
a)Without drying the skin much, it cleans your face very well.
b) It has even known to have helped in removing black-heads and bringing a tinge of pink glow on the faces of many consumers.
c) It gives you a refreshing feeling.

Lotus Herbals Face Wash (120g)

Price- ₹147

Rating- 4 Stars

This face wash helps in controlling acne & unwanted pimples, making your skin oil-free and cleanses it, thereby giving it a beautiful glow. It gives you non-oily and grease free skin. It even helps in removing black-heads & dust which settles down on your face during every day activities.
a) It keeps your skin hydrated.

b) Works well even with sensitive skin.
c) Different quantities also available.






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