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Best books to know about the depth of the Hinduism and Spirituality

Books related to Hinduism and spirituality


Hindus dominate more than 70% of India. They believe in Vedas and accept the virtues of their Gods and follow their philosophies.
We’ve prepared the list of Books which every Hindu and those who yearn to know about the philosophies of different religions must read.

Jaya: An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata

Price- ₹423
Rating- 4.5 Stars

The epic battle that changed the world and brought the end of ‘dvaparyuga’ and marked the beginning of ‘kalyuga’.This book picks out thrilling stories of this epic Hindu mythology divided in 108 chapters. It explicitly portrays all the shades of Pandavas and Kauravas, both bad and good. The savour of Humanity is presented in an immaculate way.
a) Well recommended for Kids and Beginners who do not know much, or lack information about Mahabharata.
b) This book is Mahabharata presented in modern world, more like a fiction thus lacking complete information about Mahabharata.

God Talks with Arjuna: The BhagvadGita 

the bhagavad gita
Price- ₹430
Rating- 5 Stars

This spiritual book carries the epic conversation Lord Krishna and Arjuna when Krishna reveals his actual self as a God to Arjuna. Embedded with meaningful thoughts and messages, Bhagvad Gita is known and believed to be carrying answers to all the questions human beings can possibly think of, carrying the truths of Life.
a) Although this book is huge and voluminous yet uplifting and inspiring.
b) Carries a commentary after each stanza trying to explain the core message.

Autobiography of a Yogi 

autobiography of yogi
Price- ₹113
Rating- 4.5 Stars

This spiritual book carries Wisdom of Life opens up the doors of Happiness for the readers by highlighting the secrets of life and awakening conscience. It unwraps the truth of life by explaining miracles, death and what not by revealing the experiences the author encountered in his own life.
a) It is embedded with spiritual messages taking readers to a whole another journey while reading this book.
b) It opens up the mind of the readers by providing them with knowledge and peacefulness.

Gurudev: On the Plateau of the Peak

the life of sri sri ravishankar
Price- ₹1559
Rating- 5 Stars

This book is a biography on the Life of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of Art of Living Foundation. This biography collects his life, childhood experiences, relationship with family, travels around the world, time spent in the company of saints, values preached transcending the national boundaries, deep meditaion and what not recounted by none other than her sister, Bhanumathi Narasimhan herself.
Highights:- a) The profound journey of life Gurudev binds readers to itself and take them to a journey of a humanitarian, spiritual man with a universal appeal. Readers not only get to have personal look on his life but also gain wisdom, inspiration, sense of peace.

7 Secrets of Shiva 

7 secrets shiva
Price- ₹329
Rating- 4 Stars

From being a passionate lover to being a wrathful destroyer, Shiva is among Gods whom Hindus worship. This book by Devdutt comprises of stories derived from mythologies to give to the readers a deep insights of Lord Shiva clearing all misconceptions but taking readers closer to spirituality, meditation& Hindu culture.
a) It is an informative book on Hindu cuture based on complex Hindu philosophy.
b) Written in a simple, lucid language.

Sita: An Illustrated Retelling of Ramayana

Price- ₹352
Rating- 4.5 Stars

Ramayana is another epic in Hindu mythology which dominates the values and victories of good over evil. This book shows Sita as a central character instead of Rama. This book gives wisdom to its readers by presenting Sita as a strong willed woman of high ethics who endures severe sturggles and hardships for the sake of love, whose inner beauty knows no bounds when it comes to friendships.
a) Well recommended for students.
b) Both informative and inspiring especially for women.


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