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Name Therapy, Know the power of your name & realize its potential – Soniyaa Arora

Many customers are already experiencing this proven and result oriented Name Therapy

Ms. Soniyaa Arora Founder and Director of Name Therapy ©

Curiosity to explore the unique concept of “Name Therapy” led us to interview Ms. Soniyaa Arora, Founder and Director of Name Therapy Patent, where we learnt the value our names hold, its association with our body, as well as our personal and professional life.

In the tiring hubbub of life, where we live with new pressures, responsibilities and burdens piling up each day, this therapy comes as a lifeline and heals our name by impeccably pointing out the physical and mental grey areas of our lives in a well-structured report, on which we must work on.

                                   What is Name Therapy?
It is a patented healing technique which helps to access information hidden in our names and identify the unconscious limitations that hinder our well-being. All this is identified, and the name is healed without having to change the name. It is specifically designed to enable clients to live an awakened, wisdom-embedded and self-fulfilling life.
It is a well-planned therapy based on years of research on human anatomy, consciousness and its impact on the vibrations of our names.

Names and their frequencies.
Your names can carry either of the three vibrational frequencies: –
Expense:- Attracts any sort of non-progressive happenings & dealings.
Example:- Dr. Vijay Mallya- His name represents his Liver, and this points towards his obesity.
Investment- Attracts depleted or delayed results of a person’s efforts. Hence, a person is always overworked.
Example:- Steve Jobs- Name represents Pancreas which points to his Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor, the reason behind his death. His company rose to its peak after his death, denoting a delayed result.
Reward:- Attracts instant gratification, goodwill & honor.

Example: Amitabh Bachchan- His name commands an aura of respect, success and appreciation.
Ideally, a name should always vibrate at the frequency of reward. Every name, when referred, should come from heart.This is precisely what is healed with Name Therapy.
An energetic connection between your name and your organ is deciphered. Everybody needs forgiveness in their life. Lack of forgiveness in a name comes from lack of forgiveness in an organ. If a person is overweight, it means he/she is getting energy from the thyroid gland or liver which lacks forgiveness. It means that the vibrational energy from the unwell organ is depleting the vibrational energy of the name. This ill vibration is registered in the name, which is further is raised to the next best organ in the therapy.
Name Therapy is not a substitute for medical treatments. Nor is associated with any kind of astrological practice. It is a well-structured therapy held in a series of three sessions designed to heal the name and present the grey areas of clients so that they can work on them and lead an awakened life.

Sessions are very similar to counselling sessions but are a bit more comprehensive and deep. The cooperation and openness of clients is a primary requirement for the successfulness of the therapy. It is usually observed that clients start opening up in the second session when they build trust. In order to improve this scenario, a Client Confident Therapy Report will also be given after the first session.
First Session: Held to understand the situations of the client. Questions regarding their goals, aims, objectives of taking the therapy are put up. Clients are expected to be completely open about their off-dealings. Name-organ relationships are identified by taking into consideration all their names and nicknames. And a well-structured report is given to them highlighting the areas they must work on.
Second Session: It is held after 2 weeks. Within those days, clients are expected to keep updating their progress to their Personal Name Therapy Synergists. This session is conducted to explain and reveal to the client the complete procedure with full disclosure.
Third Session: Held to fill up gaps they’re currently facing. Advice is given regarding what they should do and what they shouldn’t. A proper certificate is issued after the completion of the third session.
Pendulum Dowsing is a key technique used in the therapy to identify the illness, disease or sickness of the client without intervening in any medical treatment.

                                             Healing for Business Units
Not only restricted to people, but Name Therapy can also be done for Business Units. Here, the sick units of the Company which are not performing well are identified using the primary patterns of the name which are: –
Blindness– where company is invisible and unknown.
Energetic Sickness- where company is at its dying stage.
Energetic Illness– Beyond Cure, company has to be shut down.
This therapy heals the company’s name by erasing ill vibrations associated with it and creates an image with which everyone wishes to be associated with.


Successes and Failures
Successes and failures are part and parcel of everyone’s life. And we must not forget everything happens for a reason. Talking to Ms. Soniyaa Arora about this, she opened up with us about her own experiences with it.
A manufacturer of Tapestry came for the therapy citing that the name of his firm was energetically Invisible to customers. His business did not have enough recognition previously, but today after the therapy, the name is in its rewarding state and its reach has expanded to newer customers.

I did not even see her face and yet the therapy bore fruits to her”said Ms Soniyaa Arora opening-up about one of her clients. A resident of some small town in Gujarat contacted her for the therapy. She was struggling with the grant of admissions and US Visa clearance. All the sessions were conducted online through audio chats where the client frankly spoke about all their fears, dreams, desires and the current state. Towards the end of the therapy, she got admission in a prestigious university in United States and got the clearance for the visa. Her problems were solved even before the final session of the therapy ended.
There have been instances where therapy has been perceived to not work for a few, but the reason for this was expectations. Name Therapy is neither magic and nor does it treat or cure the person medically. It is meant to expose all the grey areas and advice the client son how they should go about resolving them.
With so many positive feedback’s, everyone is getting their Name Therapy done. Contact below to opt for your Name Therapy:




Contact- Soniyaa Arora- +91- 9768070066


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