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Affordable price and effective results is all about Carrybagads


“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” – Henry Ford

Advertising on carry bags has been there around since a long time. Carry bags can travel lots of places and so are used as a marketing tool. It’s a brilliant idea to use a carry bag as an advertising tool to target new customers. When an IT employee Shruthi Pulakanti was walking on the road, she saw some packets of chips lying on the ground. An idea triggered on her mind that instead of wasting a packet for just 10 chips, we can put some welfare messages and ads on the cover and give the pack free of cost as the company who wants to advertise would pay for it. With the support from her husband, she started CarryBag Ads.


How it started

Shruthi and her team started putting some ads of construction vendors like PVC windows, paints and solar panels on the carry bags. Some snacks like chips and khakra were kept inside those bags and were couriered to one thousand construction companies. Then thought of putting some stationary but as it’s an expensive stuff, thought of putting a newspaper as an alternative. This idea worked well.

Slowly the company first worked with Deccan Chronicle newspaper. They went 3 ‘o clock in morning, bagged the papers and distributed to one thousand people. From there, the company scaled up to a point where Shruthi got an official mail from Times of India informing her that there is no need to wake up early in the morning. Instead, purchase Times of India paper and we will be inserting the newspaper in the bags and will distribute them.  Finally, the system has been established. CarryBag Ads have paper, plastic and non-woven bags depending on the budget of the customer.

About CarryBag Ads

CarryBag Ads design and deliver client’s products and services information and offers to 1000 leads each month. This is achieved by printing the advertisement on pouches carrying the morning newspaper or business stationery. These pouches are distributed hyper-locally for 5000 or 10,000 homes according to the client’s request. Pouches are delivered to entire Hyderabad if required. Minimum order varies from 1000 for paper, 5000 for non-woven and 10,000 for plastic bags.


With PAN India support, CarryBag Ads operates all over India wherein everything from printing the bag to distribution is done in the particular city. The first-time company is doing export to Bangalore for Godrej. Telangana Government made a policy decision to procure Government requirements from women entrepreneurs by setting up an innovation hub for women called WE-Hub. Owner of CarryBag Ads, Shruthi is one among 50 women entrepreneurs for the first batch. Also, she is the member of Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI). Everyone in the team of CarryBag Ads is outsourced and freelanced from their own location.

Why CarryBag Ads?

The newspaper will be discarded in one day but these bags can be used later. So the life of the ad increases. It is not interruptible unlike skipping an ad in YouTube. People waste lots of paper in form of pamphlets and distribute in places where it’s of no use. By putting up an ad on CarryBag Ads, the ad is there even before a newspaper. To attach a jacket to the newspaper, it costs 35 lakhs. Even for a small newspaper, they charge from 5 to 10 lakhs. So it’s much reasonable and better way of advertising.

Future Plans

The company is planning to become tech based in near future by going online wherein clients can choose a city, number of bags and upload the ad or graphics and the product will be printed and delivered by the next weekend. Being incorporated by Government of Telangana, CarryBag Ads did some advertisements for GHMC and Mission Kakatiya. Some of the clientele of CarryBag Ads include Raam Honda, Spirocare, Godrej, Weizmann Forex, Pista House, Chocolate hut, Temple times and Soups n salads.


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