Will 2019 Elections create a new era in Indian politics?


Is it going to be new combination of Central Leadership with regional parties?  

Yes., Leaders like KalvaKuntla Chandrashekar Rao (KCR), Naveen Patnayak, Mamata Benerge , Y S JAGAN , Akhilesh Yadhav, Mayawati and few othr regional party heads play an imp role ………,

2019 Lok Sabha elections will be held from april 11 –may 19  in seven phases. Both familiar national parties Indian National Congress (INC) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have their own perks and perils for people of the country. Predominantly, India being an agricultural based country, farmers play a vital role in building the economy and contributing to the GDP of the country. Apparently, no national party ever has satisfied the farmer’s essential needs. Then and after the 10 year mass rule no farmer was gratified with an assurance of MSP (Minimum Support Price) for their crop. People understood the assurances and actions of these national parties deliverables

I presume in this coming parliamentary elections regional parties are likely to play an important role in forming the government, my assumptions are based on these ground realities the two national parties like congress and BJP were in power for almost two decades, both of them shared a decade of power. Keeping aside the merits and demerits, the common people of this country now started to think if these two national parties can fulfill our aspirations?

Where as, in a state like Telangana after formation in 2019, in one term there were many innovative citizen friendly schemes like Rythu Bandhu which supports farmers with their crop investment and Rythu Bheema which ensures economic and social security to their crop were implemented successfully, 24 hour power supply & policies like TSipass are really good. In such states the ground reality is two national parties BJP and Congress struggling to get a good leader to stand in elections. This kind of situation also persists in many other states across india.

Considering these the people will elect apt regional political party representatives. As none of the national parties congress and BJP will not get a required 272 majority.

Hence, the central government in 2019 in all possibilities shall be with the support of various regional parties.

LS ( Laggani Srinivas – Political Forecaster )

Mr. Laggani Srinivas (LS) is IIM Calcutta Alumni & a Certified International Campaign fellow in Applied Politics from Akron University- USA


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