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The 2020 presidential election has created real interest among all intellectuals, political followers & leaders, across the world in this pandemic stricken year.

I worked in the 2016 presidential campaign and predicted Trump win few weeks before the election, this time due to pandemic I couldn’t travel to the USA but had been observing the election since the beginning of the year 2020. Here is my take on the overall election campaign and how both the leaders spearheading campaigns in this crucial battle.

Donald Trump looks very strong to me although he is behind in all the opinion polls. However even this time he bragged every chance to prove the option polls wrong yet he’s still behind like in 2016.

Advantages: Trump is a master in understanding voter pulse. Apparently trump has covered every aspect which can impress his section of voters and also influence neutral voters, a few examples I can quote are Anti china, Making America great again, no lockdown during this pandemic, constantly providing confidence to Americans that they can overcome this pandemic, and his attitude of calling Covid a Chinese virus will surely put him a front runner. His statements to sub-urban women, are constant reminders that because Obama and Biden’s failures are the reason he is here creates a real positive impact among voters. The current president is a poll master and his mass appeal to American voters in crucial swing states should work favors to him. His direct attack against Biden that he failed during his tenure will surely create an impact among neutral voters.

Disadvantages: Due to this pandemic lost lives will definitely matter, few sections vehemently argue that this govt should have handled the pandemic more efficiently , opponents highlighting tax evasion and the way Trump handled other sections especially “Black lives matters protests” undoubtedly created some negative impact.

JOE BIDEN: 47 years political career, His political journey starting in the early 70’s he more of looks like a tied politician to me at this point, current racist acquisitions against Trump were also faced by Biden in his early part of his career. American youth is not really impressed with Biden, especially the first-time voters.

Advantages: This pandemic is the biggest arsenal for Democrats to pull down the Trump govt, every family which is affected by this pandemic will surely look for Democrats and usually a significant majority of African American voters are always staunch supporters of the Democratic party. Anti Trump factor is also a key for people who usually don’t like Trump radicalism, polarisation. All these will surely support Democrats! However, all these factors will truly create an impact on the world’s most developed country’s voters! time will tell. Biden’s offering Free Covid vaccine to all Americans in case if Biden is elected is also an advantage factor.

Disadvantages: Trump is making sure that Biden is not a saint in every occasional chance he gets! Trump’s remarks truly create doubt among many sections of voters about Biden’s leadership qualities and also the honesty about being in politics for so long, especially his son getting favors in large business deals will surely be an imp allegation.

According to me politics are politics with a change of strategies anywhere in the world.

Overall the world-famous election happening in 2020 created all the drama, excitement, and fun for watchers across the world. In politics what works and what doesn’t work is always based on the final election results and undoubtedly in this election also we need to wait a few more weeks to understand it. But to cut short the anxiety, in my opinion this election looks like a very close battle than it appears to be and for me, Trump looks Strong and Biden looks Tired in this fight.

So a leader looking strong will emerge as a winner or a leader looking tired with the support from all sections will emerge as a winner after November 3rd. Let’s wait

Laggani Srinivas
Thought Leader & Strategist
Research fellow in Applied politics & Tennis Player

Views expressed by author is personal


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