Whatelse do you need for an inspiration, DJ KiM, who set an example for a successful multi tasker

DJ KiM, A Social Media influencer, IT Professional, Fitness freak, One of the best DJs in Hyderabad


Every person has a creative side of his own version. Being able to abstract the creativity is the real talent. When it comes to the word Music, it has numerous roles in our lives. Sometimes it is a healer, sometimes it pulls out the party animal inside, the other times it makes us cry and so the list of endless emotions goes on. Well, being able to orchestrate music, in terms of mixing, adding beats to it and much more is a skill pursued by relatively less people and of course we call them the DJ’s.

It was very kind of DJ Kim Thomas, who took out time for a short and fine interview with where he spoke his heart out. According to DJ Kim, one can certainly not consider being DJ as a difficult or easy task. It all lies on how passionate and determined the person is. It wasn’t really difficult for him to get into the creative industry, as few of his family members were already into music. The Kerala kid initially had a science background and most of his schooling and college was done in Chennai.


He was a part time hacker and had worked for national security companies as well. He did all the ethical hacking and online security jobs in US for 6 years. From the very beginning, he had interests in music that developed into his passion for becoming a DJ which ultimately resulted in him being a pro DJ. He moved to Hyderabad 8 years back, and hard work, determination and his passion established him as one of the best DJ’s in Hyderabad. Surprisingly, he never ever had been through any coaching, what he plays is what he learnt by his own over these years. Experimenting with beats, tunes, and rhythms was what pushed him forward in his life.

Creative people have their own set of challenges; they always have to stay motivated, charged up and happy. Their stress will always reflect in their work, so they have to stay motivated pretty much all the time. But, being a normal person, there are times when we feel low, anxious and stuff like that. Being a DJ, one cannot really excuse his stress or feelings for some event. He still has to show up to the audience ready out there for a party blast. Well, according to DJ Kim, even when he is feeling low, the game changes when he clicks on the PLAY button.


Every other DJ has their own style, well the uniqueness of DJ Kim is that he not only makes the audience enjoy music but also enjoys with them. Apart from the musical side our DJ has a normal job and like every normal person he work 5 days a week for IBM as Global Manager. His only message for the youth and people aspiring to becoming DJ or anything in the creative industry is, “If you have enough passion and determination, go for it. You’re going to achieve it really quick”.



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