What was not achieved in 60 years, has been achieved in just 4.5 years by KCR



Briefly in the year 1956 “The state of Hyderabad” present Telangana was merged with “Vishalandra” and the two states were renamed as Andhra Pradesh with an objective to unite the Telugu speaking states. From there on our people of Telangana never got justice and equality, be in case of water, electricity, govt. jobs and in many aspects.

Scrutinizing these issues, In 2001 TRS party was kick started with only objective of a separate statehood. After 14 years of struggle, Telangana people got their own state but with an exception of common capital for a span of time. Later, elections were held and people gave majority to TRS party to rule newly formed state.

 In 4.5 years span, our newly formed state became a role model for many states in our country. Implementation of innovative schemes like rythu bandhu (helping farmers financially in their investment)  ,Kalyana Lakshmi( Economic help by govt. to daughter’s wedding) , KCR kit is a wonderful initiative which provides basic supplements needed to a mother and baby during the early growing stage and there are 76 such welfare schemes which necessitate the aspirations of poor.

TSipass is a unique policy initiated by Telangana Govt, all the approvals shall be done within 15 days’ time, if not done on the 16th day it is deemed as approved. If any state govt would have got such thoughts during liberalization period in 90’s, India would have been among the developed countries by now.

KCR’s commitment towards the dedication of the state was well explained by our PM Narendra Modi during a speech. He mentioned that after the separation of two states AP CM created many litigations using their political alliance, but telangana CM KCR focused on his objectives and development, that shows KCR’s commitment towards Telangana.

Congress party’s leadership was a dreadful experience to the people of Telangana. The party and it’s leaders are presently involved in every other activity than focusing its activities to be beneficial to the people of Telangana… Now they choose to align with the neighboring state’s ruling Telugu Desam Party, which previously had a terrible conflict with Telangana. The two amalgamated parties ruled Telangana for 60 years and now coming to work together for the welfare of Telangana and its people is a big joke.


The people of Telangana are clearly aware of what they are getting. Their constant support and immense cooperation to the government shows the enormous amount of satisfaction they gained from the leadership of Chief Minister KCR.




(Author is a management expert studied in IIM Calcutta & Certified International Campaign fellow in Applied politics from Akron University USA)

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