Imran Khan concentrated more on throwing allegations on neighbouring country India.


74th United Nation general assembly- UNGA conference was held at New York on 27th Sept 2019. We witnessed leaders from two countries who are known for their unpopular rivalry speaking at the UNGA, Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India and Imran Khan the Prime Minister of Pakistan addressed people in their own perspectives.

When Narendra Modi discussed more about global issues, Imran Khan concentrated more on throwing allegations on neighbouring country India.

The double standards of Pakistan’s Prime Minister can be clearly understood when he claimed that India did nothing but burned up 10 trees by entering into Pakistan. Remember Pakistan completely denied that Indian army had never entered into their territory, and subsequently they made few statements on Indian surgical strike, and finally on world dias they agreed Indian army entered and burned up 10 trees. Thus surgical strike is true.

Narendra Modi focussed on functional policies like Swachh Bharat, global pollution and ban of single use plastic in India, Imran Khan spotlighted the topics only on the basis of political agenda and threw venom against india.

Imran speaking about hindu terrorism & RSS ( rashtriya swayam sevak sangh) is ridiculous, world knows what is Islamic terrorism, Imran’s desperate tactics to safe guard their internal issues are imminent in his speech, Imran’s efforts were as if he was trying to get political mileage in his own country. World knows what is happening to the tribals in Balochistan? When Imran khan shows all his love is towards the kashmiri’s in India!

Being in the stature of PM of a country, People expect certain dignity and integrity which PM Imran khan obviously lacked in his speech at the UN. Prime Minister Imran khan throwing negative spotlight on Indian internal issues is absurd, while the whole world knows the internal wars and assassinations inside Pakistan.

Prime Minister Modi should have spoken in English to attract more global audiences, Imran used the opportunity to safeguard all their blunders in supporting terrorism however world leaders understood the real face of Pakistan when they accommodated a person like Osama bin laden. Still there are many extremist forces active in Pakistan with the help of ISI!

One aspect Imran understood in a right way is “India is a strong unit consists of 1.2 billion people” actually we are 1.3 now and when it comes to national integration and patriotism the whole country unites as one.

Laggani Srinivas

Laggani Srinivas ( LS) – Political Forecaster & Management Expert
Mr. Laggani Srinivas (LS) is a Certified International Campaign fellow in Applied Politics from Akron University- USA & IIM Calcutta Alumni


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