TRS people friendly policies & Nama Nageswar Rao’s experience will make the war one sided


Exclusive Interview with TRS star campaigner MLC Palla Rajeswar

Exclusive Ground report on Khammam & Mahaboobabad Parliament constituencies by Political Forecaster – Laggani Srinivas ( LS)

Soshal team interacted with TRS MLC & one of TRS star campaigners Palla Rajeswar Reddy, who is the in charge of two parliament constituencies.

How are the winning possibilities in 2 constituencies?

TRS is going to win two constituencies with huge majority, opposition parties doesn’t have cadre & leaders to win people confidence in both

What is the strategy to bring Nama Nageswar Rao for Khammam ?

Nama was EX MP, he worked with KCR during Telangana state formation, branded as a local leader all segments will work for Nama, eventually it’s KCR good governance and welfare schemes that’s going to be factor which will work in favor.

How is the coordination between old -new leadership & cadre?

In TRS party we all belong to one family, our chief KCR is the mentor and inspiration for all of us. Opponents say all the points, however once any person decides to join TRS they will be whole heartedly invited to our party.

 Why People of Khammam should vote for TRS?

In assembly elections opposition parties here created lot of confusion among voters, now voters have the clarity, people want to see their constituency development and getting more support from the ruling government to Improve the overall infrastructure, with good leadership in place people will surely opt for TRS instead of casting their valuable vote to other parties as other parties cannot fulfill any of their aspirations.


Laggani Srinivas

Laggani Srinivas ( LS) Political Forecaster & Management Expert
Mr. Laggani Srinivas (LS) is a Certified International Campaign fellow in Applied Politics from Akron University- USA & IIM Calcutta Alumni


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