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The Revenue Growth which proves the capability of administration!

India’s newly born 29th state Telangana showing tremendous economic growth!

Telangana State Growth

When the grapple for Telangana as separate statehood was on peak stages, many political leaders & so called samaikya andhra sloganeer’s proclaimed Telangana to be nothing except zero if state is separated. However, all their comments remained fictitious after the bifurcation in 4 and half years. Whatever the false allegations so called groups made, paying no mind to their allegations telangana people were very confident about their privileges. All telanganites beliefs were fulfilled by the first chief minister of Telangana Mr. Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao.  Currently, the economic growth of Telangana is near to 20%. In independent India Telangana is the only state to touch 20% “State Owned Revenue” – SOR economic growth.


The current financial year 2018-19.SOR “State Owned Revenue” of Telangana state is 19.76%. in last 4 years the state recorded 17.17% of revenue growth. Wonderful isn`t it? Not many states in the country recorded a double digit growth rate till date. Having Telangana at top, states like Chattisgarh ,Uttar Pradesh & Maharastra are the others with double digit growth rate.

Opposition parties in Telangana always taunt Telangana govt with many false allegations of not doing anything substantial for state development, but in reality the SOR – State Owned Revenue growth rate is solid proof to prove the government’s hard work towards development and welfare of people.



(Author is a management expert studied in IIM Calcutta & Certified International Campaign fellow in Applied politics from Akron University USA)

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  1. Telangana, UP, Chattisgarh & Maharashtra registering double digit growths is certainly a commendable progress especially for the first 3 states on the list. One thing in common though is the fact that all these states are run by non-congress governments. Barring Maharashtra all the other 3 states have rather been laggards under previous regimes. To be in the top growing states means good governance, but certainly much still needs to be done.

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