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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been present since the early ages in the world of business. Today it stands tall as a digitally implemented method of marketing which earns a man a handful of money when people buy products through his affiliate link.

Seems hard? No its not!

All you need to do is to affiliate yourself which means you need to get a special link connect to you with well-known markets like Amazon, Flipkart, EBay, etc. and you’ll start earning easy money every time a person buys a product through your special link.


  • Remarkable inter-personal communication skills.
  • Ability to prioritize a product and provoke the mass to buy it.
  • Remarkable knowledge of trends online.


  • Least work hours
  • Standard payment.
  • Easier and widespread form of marketing.


Income completely depends on the company you are affiliated to. Some companies give 20% while some give 50% of the sales price. Income also depends on the number of people who buy the product through your link and the actual value of the product as well.


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