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Guvvala Balaraju, A young and dynamic political leader, is swift in resolving people’s issues, remembers everyone by their name

Guvvala Balaraju, Achampet MLA who treats Achampet constituency as his family and accessible to everyone


To be a good legislator, one needs to be intelligent, pragmatic, hard-working, and ethical.  A legislator who fails any of those tests will not be able to build coalitions for forward-looking legislation that helps the state.  Example of such legislator today is GUVVALA BALARAJU, MLA – ACHAMPET. He is from the ruling party Telangana Rashtra Samithi (T.R.S)


A good politician must be able to do one thing above all else – bringing people together. Regardless of the position, Guvvala Balaraju has been working with a clear vision to empower poor, middle class people and balances between caution, decisiveness, and strong communication skills with either the public or the legislature to get things done.


He was elected as MLA from Achampet constituency with nearly 12,000 vote’s majority in the first Telangana Legislative Elections in 2014.

Achampet is a city in Achampet Mandal which belongs to Mahbubnagar District of Telangana State. Guvvala Balaraju, MLA candidate of TRS party from Achampet thanked the TRS chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao for putting his faith on him and choosing for the constituency in the coming Elections.


Sri Balaraju addressed the people saying “The people of Achampet could see true development only during the TRS rule. We have achieved many milestones of development during the 4 years of rule. However, as the people are aware that we cannot achieve everything in just 5 years term, we are once again in the people’s arena to seek their support for a second term and we will ensure will work with the same enthusiasm and vigor and will not rest until Achampet and the surrounding villages get all necessary facilities”.

As a people’s representative, Sri Balaraju is always there to serve for the society. He participated in a many  welfare programs. Some of them include arranging a mega job mela, distributing health and hygiene kits through the Government and organizing free eye checkups, medicine distribution, and operations are done.

He contributed one month of his salary for the Kerala Flood victims. As promised, he started the building work for a 100-bed hospital in Achampet. There is good progress in irrigation works.


Sri Guvvala Balaraju is a well-respected member, spending his first term as an MLA mastering the skills of being an effective representative with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. He is a great legislator. The voters were lucky to have him as their representative, and he deserves to be chosen to serve them again in 2018.


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