SRE Facilities – Maintains high standards to meet home to corporate client’s expectations

A one-stop shop for all your Facility Management Requirements

drill machine, electricals, insulation tapes

Facility management is made up of different titles with diverse scope and responsibilities. Sre Rama Electricals and Facilities is a growing integrated facility services company which commenced its operations from Hyderabad in 2014. Dedicated to meet the most challenging standards of the client, the firm has been started with a vision to achieve the highest standards for all the integrated facility services.

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The company has expertise in providing integrated facilities services which include

  • Security
  • House Keeping
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical Services
  • Stationery Services
  • Civil Services
  • Horticulture

Growing urbanization led to the major development in corporate and private sectors which increased the concerns regarding the security of people, material, and money. SRE Facilities provide trained security persons to offices, software companies, hospitals and residential complexes.

drill machine, electricals, insulation tapes

Having established an entity with 15 software companies, SRE Facilities is accepted as a one-stop solution provider. Firm’s premium list of clients includes IT & Corporates, industries, banks, hotels, hospitals, malls and retail.

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 “Housekeeping is not a hit-and-miss cleanup done occasionally. It’s an ongoing operation”

Assuring its clients to provide best services at all times, SRE Facilities is sincerely looking forward to getting associated with esteemed organizations as their most preferred service partner.


S.R.E. Facilities



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