Sell Your Video Course on Udemy

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Udemy is an online learning marketplace which has tons of video courses on a huge variety of subjects ranging from calligraphy to photography to yoga and much more.

In this website, paid video courses are made by experts of different fields who pass Udemy Teacher standards.

If you are a professional or are good in a particular field then you can also make your video course and sell it on Udemy. Video courses can be infographic based, text based, audio and video based. Every course is available on demand and a student can learn them anywhere and anytime.


  • Should be well-learned in a particular field that fits Udemy
  • Ability to express your knowledge in an easy, simple yet effective way.
  • Ability to create and record High-quality record.


  • One time hard work leads to easy passive income
  • Work from home
  • Teaching is wonderful way of self-assessment hence, it helps in self-improvement as well.


Udemy pays the teachers as commission. If a student buy a course by searching on Udemy then the teacher will get only 3% of the sale price whereas if the student buys a course from the teacher’s affiliated link then the teacher will get 50% of the sales price. So, you must try to get as many students as possible to buy from your affiliated link.


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