Sell Used Items on eBay

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eBay is the most popular buying-selling goods marketplace on the internet. It’s a place where individuals and businesses can sell and resell items ranging from an earpiece to a second-hand car.

At first, a seller lists an item on EBay at a fixed price or accepts bids (in auction only).

In a fixed price listing, buys pay the price to buy the item whereas in auction type listing, multiple buyers place bids and the highest bidder bags home the item.


  • Knowledge of price of items.
  • Experience of selling goods and gathering sales.
  • A business savvy mind to work with.


  • Easy and passive income.
  • No work required other than listing the item and describing it.


Depends completely on the price of the item and the condition of bidders (In auction). So, if you have a high-priced item then it’ll earn you a lot compared to a common one. Another fact to keep in mind is that sometimes the price of items change from season to season so if you wish to make most profit then it is better to keep track of its average price and wait till it hikes.


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