Nothing could impact Chakrapani to create the biggest digital marketing forum in Hyderabad

Don’t wait for opportunity, Create it

Digital marketing is the latest trend in the market. But 6 years back no one knew about it. Chakrapani foresaw its hidden power and took a couple of initiatives as a founder of the biggest online community in Hyderabad educating the students, helping the job seekers and the business people.

Chakrapani Anumula, the founder of IDoneSEO is National Stock Exchange certified and did Masters in Commerce. The story started 13 years back in Chennai. He used to roam around and enquire people if they can buy stocks and shares. Coming from Telugu medium and commerce background, he doesn’t know about the internet. His roommate who is a software engineer used to spend lots of time on the internet. So Chakrapani asked his roommate if he can accompany. After a couple of days, he could learn how to create an email id. So he asked his friend just to do this you guys are spending hours.

Chakrapani Story reminds us of Harsha Bhogle, A non-cricketer became top most cricket commentator, similarly Chakrapani is from Non-IT background but still he is the one who is influencing the Digital Marketing Industry in Hyderabad.

Chakrapani in his words says ‘If we don’t know about technology it looks like a rocket science. Once you know it’s very easy’. At a time he thought why this kolaveri kolaveri di, then he understood that the power of technology which is accessible for all. Then started interacting with people using chat and mail and introduced himself and explains what he does. So he understood that there is no need to roam outside spending hours of time. Instead, just by sitting near the system, he can reach out to people and tell them about the services he provides. He used to meet the customer if they are interested. Finally, he understood that being a Telugu medium person, he was not getting a job but with the help of technology he joined in a company in Bengaluru and then shifted to Hyderabad.

Around the year of 2006, he started to seriously work on the internet. Being a marketing person, he never used to roam around but sit on a computer. Then he worked on SEO and email marketing. In 2009 he worked for a Chicago based company where he interacted with web designers, developers, and content writers. He realized that though he is not a technical expert and came from Telugu medium, he could work on the internet technologies. If he could do it, others also can do. In 2012 he quit the job and decided to start a community forum and educate people about digital marketing. He started a platform where everyone could meet and discuss the various trends in the market, what’s going on in Google, FB, how it would be helpful from a career point of view for a job seeker and if it’s a startup or business owner how he can grow his business online. This was how he started IDoneSEO.

He started doing some events to take the forum to a bigger level. He did a lot of hard work in the beginning when few people used to come and speakers were not interested to participate. He went into financial deficit doing these events without a job in hand. In 2014 he started the biggest summit at IIIT. Some of the biggest speakers started attending the event. In 2015 he did T Hub followed by an event in JNTU apart from the regular ones.

When Chakrapani started the journey, hardly a couple of people used to attend even though it’s free.  But at present, a number of big speakers, audience, students and business people are attending even though he is charging some amount. He got a big hit in 2017 when he did an event in Gachibowli. Head of Alibaba products for India attended the event. One of the top 10 company SEMRUSH became knowledge partners for the forum. He is happy about the impact he could create. He got 10,000 followers on Facebook and people are getting employed.


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  1. I still remember those days. Chakrapani was visited my room around three times May – June 2006 and asked me about SEO and web design related information. He was very eager to learn that time and now he is a more active person and conducting SEO related events in Hyderabad. Keep going on chakri. We always support you.

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