Non toxic and environment friendly products made from cow dung and urine by GavyaChetna

Cow dung and urine are one of the most efficient and environment friendly products

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“The threat to the planet is us. It’s a a threat to the planet – it’s a threat to us.” Margaret Atwood

Cow dung and urine are one of the most efficient and environment friendly products.

A number of pain relievers are there in the market. But Aurthofit oil is a unique medicine used for different kinds of joints and muscle pains. It is composed of special natural herbs which are unique. These herbs have brilliant pain relieving properties. They are carefully chosen and then blended with essential natural herbs. Aurthofit oil gives a perfect relief from back pains, joints, arthritis, spondylitis and other nerve pains. It acts very fast and effective.

GavyaChetna is a company established to create awareness on Indian desi Cows. They promote various utility products like tabletop stationary, invitation cards, diaries and carry bags. These products are made up of recycled paper mixed with desi cow dung and urine. These products are 100% degradable, nontoxic,reduces waste and reusable.

GavyaChetna’s core philosophy is to make and use gou (cow) products which are safe and natural. They are saving the environment by using eco-friendly components.  They use degradable mixtures along with cow dung and urine to make beautiful products.

Panch Gavya Gurukulam is a school started for underprivileged families to make them learn how to prepare medicines and sell. They use naturally grown herbs, fruits, spices,and grains to produce products to cure various ailments.

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