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NARENDRA MODI – AMIT SHAH combination worked again in worlds largest Democracy electioneering

(Source: ANI)

As the ICC cricket world cup is going to start shortly, many cricket lovers across the globe pondering which team captain & vice captain with their team members will lead their respective teams to victory in 2019.

In a similar way until 23rd May till the counting of EVM’s began, many people not only in India, but across the globe were anxious about the new prime minister.

However, keeping aside many political stalwarts predictions, analysis & views., Modi & Shaw brigade cruised to victory in 2019 Loksabha elections and Narendra Modi will be Prime Minister of India from 2019 – 2024.

Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India

What worked for MODI – SHAH in simple words:

  1. People have still faith in Modi’s leadership.
  2. Opposition parties have failed to create confidence among voters.
  3. Indian voters have began to be clear about their choices in parliament and state assembly.
  4. Grand victory in Uttarpradesh 64 from 80; Maharastra 41 from 48; Bihar 39 from 40 ; Madhya Pradesh 28 from 29 ; Rajastan 25 from 25 ; Gujarat 26 from 26 ; karnataka 26 from 28; West Bengal 18 from 42 & Haryana 10 from 10. Only from these 9 states numbers are sufficient to form govt.
  5. In management terms we call it division of labour, Modi & Shaw showed how the duo shared the responsiblities between them so well when it comes to funtioning i.e., For all party matters it’s Party president Amit Shaw & For all governance matters it’s elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  6. Although there were major issues like demonotisation, GST , growing fuel prices, lowest GDP growth, cable bill hike, large chunk of unemployment, fall in manufacturing sector & challenges with FDI policies, none of these issues could obstruct the victory of NDA.

In politics for every one there are take aways, after the results, It’s appears on paper that UPA’s share of seats improved compared to previous elctions, will it be the motivational point for opponents.., In politics there is a popular saying that, “Never under estimate a political party or politician any time they can bounce back” ofcourse with people blessings.

All said & done this victory shall be marked as one of the biggest political wins in Indian politics.

Laggani Srinivas

Laggani Srinivas ( LS) Political Forecaster & Management Expert
Mr. Laggani Srinivas (LS) is a Certified International Campaign fellow in Applied Politics from Akron University- USA & IIM Calcutta Alumni


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