Muncipal Elections once again proved that TRS is unbeatable and KCR is unstoppable

Telangana people once again blessed TRS Party


Telangana People’s mandate in recent municipal elections 2020 was an excellent achievement for Telangana Rashtra Samithi. This was one among the biggest achievements for Telangana Rashtra Samithi.

Ever since K CHANDRA SHEKHAR RAO – KCR became the first chief minister of newly formed state, he focused on bringing back the identity of Telangana. He revived its strong culture and also focused on irrigating entire Telangana  with massive irrigation projects, innovative policies, good governance and overall economic growth of the state. All these genuine efforts caught people’s attention.

However, the mainstream opposition parties were never able to catch up with KCR. Political opponents have played multiple gimmicks to stop the municipal elections, they filed many cases in the high court and delayed elections, now the on ground municipal results appear that opposition parties stopped the development of municipalities with their actions. The oppositions could’ve tried to play a constructive role in the state politics!



‘’Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently!’’ is a popular management saying. However, TRS leadership neither does different things nor do things differently, predominantly their only focus had been on people welfare and prosperity and progress of Telangana.

  • TRS party Working as a cohesive unit
  • Decision to appoint KTR as working president for party proved immensely benefited
  • All people welfare schemes were very well executed and reciprocated by people
  • New initiatives like “palle pragati” Village development and “pattana pragathi” Town development going to change state overall picture.
  • The combination of K CHANDRA SHEKAR RAO and K T RAMA RAO work and results were blessed by people.
  • Finally, it is proving visionary leadership with short term goals and on ground development are key elements to win people hearts

Laggani Srinivas

                                                            Laggani Srinivas ( LS)

( Political Forecaster, Management Expert, a Certified International Campaign fellow in Applied Politics from Akron University- USA & IIM Calcutta Alumni )


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