Interview with Srishti Jain – a woman with a substance

Orva – Life Skills Training


Soshal: Hi Srishti, how are you?
Srishti Jain: Hey, I am shining and smiling like always.

Soshal: How is your business life? Is it so stressful?
Srishti Jain: Stressful would not be the right word. But yes, it is very challenging of course. And falling and learning sounds good in words but is definitely keeping me on my toes.

Soshal: What made you start your own business?
Srishti Jain: Living your passion for other people’s expectations is not what I wanted from life. I wanted my ‘baby’ whom I can mold into a beautiful craft of my visualization for those innocent young minds.

Soshal: What is Orva?
Srishti Jain: Örva ( works with schools, colleges, and corporates and also organize workshops. As an NLP practitioner, it also gives one on one sessions to help people deal with inner conflicts, relationship issues, stress etc. TTT Certification helps Orva ( take care of the training needs in corporate sector effectively.

Soshal: WHY TTT?
Srishti Jain: I’ve been exposed to kids and very well understand their requirement.  To broaden my horizon it was important for me to learn about the corporate training as well. This Certification from Bodhih is a benchmark in my career

Soshal: Why did you learn NLP, any family influence?
Srishti Jain: I realized teaching children is to understand them and help them overcome fears and insecurities. Being an NLP coach helps me to get a better perspective of the human mind and how to beat challenges of daily life. NLP is a certification recently acquired.  I am sure it will be a great value added in bringing a new enthusiasm in the life

Soshal: There are so many NLP training, why Orva & Why Srishti?
Srishti Jain: Why not ‘Orva’ or ‘Srishti‘? Do give yourself something better in life you have to trust something new.

Soshal: What are your strengths?
Srishti Jain: My strength is myself. I am a people’s person, have a zeal for life and like to live it to the fullest and that helps me professionally too. My positive approach towards life and my smile are certainly some of my strengths.

Soshal: Any achievements till now?
Srishti Jain: I’ve just started my venture a month ago and I have one of the best schools already with me. The Shloka – A Birla school is my first client. I am looking forward to some more schools and corporates this year. Apart from my own venture I’ve successfully organized workshops for a training academy. Have won laurels for successfully putting up plays on stage.

Soshal: Any dreams or ambitions in life?
Srishti Jain: I dream with open eyes and to achieve name, fame, and success of ‘Orva’ is the only thing which I can think of now.


Soshal: Did you undergo any tough phases of life?
Srishti Jain: To end a 12-year relationship is no joke. Besides, that to start afresh from scratch was definitely a tough thing. I am thankful for my “EX” who “allowed” me to work part-time despite a lot of hurdles by family. I don’t know how it would have been to work after 12 years of break. However, life moves on is what I learned and so did I.

Soshal: Did you get any clients? If so, who are they?
Srishti Jain: Yes, Shloka- a Birla school, LB Nagar has given me my first contract.

Soshal: Where do you see yourself after 3 years?
Srishti Jain: As an accomplished Entrepreneur. A beautiful human being a proud mother.

Soshal: Who are your competitors?
Srishti Jain: Myself

Soshal: Who are your target customers?
Srishti Jain: Parents who understand the need to break from the shackles of Technology and give their children the freedom to be in a place of ‘Fun and a place of promise for a beautiful tomorrow’.  Youngsters who would want to polish their soft skills for attending interviews,individuals who feel the need to align their thoughts, be surrounded by positivity, who are fighting battles to sustain in a relationship, whoever wants to groom their personality and of course small and medium-sized corporates.

Soshal: Will your training be helpful for the start-up Entrepreneurs? If so, in what way?
Srishti Jain: A successful student can impart Real Education. And I have begun my journey from scratch so it would be a Real-time teaching.

Soshal: Who developed content for Orva?
Srishti Jain: The content for school is developed by Ms. Payal from Mumbai. Other contents are developed by me according to the Training Need Analysis.

Soshal: Pricing details, please?
Srishti Jain: I can assure it to be at the best price but quoting price is not possible as it depends on a lot of factors and needs.

Soshal: Finally, Your message to Women?
Srishti Jain: Everybody has their own story to tell. Your life is like a book that you don’t ever get to put down. So make it interesting. Be an example to yourself. No matter what, stay positive. Every cloud has a silver lining. Prepare yourself for any challenges of life. Disasters never knock doors and arrive.

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