Interview with Chakrapani, leader of digital community – Interview with Chakrapani

Soshal: Hello Mr.Chakrapani. How are you?

Chakrapani: I am good

Soshal: Where did you get the idea to start your own company?

Chakrapani: I came from a Telugu medium background. I struggled during my early years of career. By creating a platform like IDoneSEO I thought it would be helpful to the business people as well as students. Someone could be looking to hire you and someone could be in search of a job. With the help of this platform, I can solve unemployment issues for few and at the same time it is a business model for me.

Soshal: Why did you name the forum as IDoneSEO?

Chakrapani: When I quitted my job, I thought of a name like ihavedoneseo. If some x is the person, then it would be xhavedoneseo. If this guy goes to an interview, he would get the first impression that he did SEO. Then I changed it to iDoneSEO.

Soshal: how would you highlight your competitive skills?

Chakrapani: We upgrade ourselves according to the industry. Doing the events and coming in front of the public, people could get confidence and trust in us. People would come only if there is money involved. But I pre-planned this idea in 2012 when there was no boom in digital marketing taking up the challenges and risks involved.

Soshal: Who is your inspiration?

Chakrapani: When I had some ups and downs in my studies, I used to pass by the Ambedkar Open University. They help people who are stuck somewhere in their lives and could not complete the course. In the same way, I thought of helping people who are struggling to get jobs and in their business. I always thought of making my forum as a brand for digital marketing.

Soshal: how would you generate new ideas for the business?

Chakrapani: New idea depends on the type of issue we have to face. Once I come through the input then I can build a problem statement.  

Soshal: Any favourite quotes?

Chakrapani:  If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business – Bill Gates

Soshal: Your greatest achievement?

Chakrapani: I conducted 5th annual digital marketing summit in 2017. When I did this, I got a remark that even if someone comes up in the market, they have to conduct 6th summit but I am the person who did the first annual summit. Though I am not speaking in terms of money, I proudly say that my forum is first of it’s kind in Hyderabad.

Soshal: How would u select the team?

Chakrapani: I check how much passion an individual has, to reach the goal. I give them a some task and observe they would approach the customer. Throughout the event i monitor them very closely and give suggestions wherever required.

Soshal:  What is your customer relationship strategy?

Chakrapani: Before going to a customer I do some research to know if they have a website whether it is proper or not, accordingly i will prepare a presentation. I explain to them how it is helpful to put some investment in online advertising or a website instead of spending on huge hoardings or newspaper advertisements.

Soshal: What is your winning formula?

Chakrapani: When I speak to someone, I don’t think about money but try to give some information, suggestions because of this they get closer to us. I create a confidence in my team members that one day idoneseo will become a leader in digital marketing summits.

Soshal:  How do you define success?

Chakrapani:  As long as we don’t have any debts and we are not dependent on others and happy with what we are doing, then that is what success, i believe.

Soshal:  What do you suggest for the upcoming entrepreneurs?

Chakrapani:  Main barrier in startups is team building. We have to be confident when explaining our ideas so that the team carries our ideas to reach goals.

Soshal: What are your plans for the next 2 to 5 years?

Chakrapani:  I want to provide employment and for that, we have to give proper information and training. I want to collaborate with other fields and create an impact in the industry.


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