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Youtube Channel

YouTube is the most viewed video site on the internet which gets as much as 366,000 clicks every second. It is also probably the first place where you looked up money making strategies.

Well, YouTube itself is a huge source of income if a person is skilled, determined and packed enough to set on his journey as a YouTuber. Some YouTubers earn in 6 figures while some have already capped a 100 million just by making videos.


  • Consumer grade YouTubing gear (Camera, tripod, etc.) which varies from genre to genre.
  • Yes, you won’t earn millions overnight. It takes lot of time, patience and perseverance is required to start and maintain a well-earning YouTube channel.
  • Stable internet connection to upload videos from time to time.


  • Flexible work hours.
  • Independent content production.
  • Cost-effective to start and continue.


A YouTuber earns money from the views his videos get. For about 1k views an average YouTuber earns about $8 OR 550INR.


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