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Blogging Writing

Writing is the most effective, evergreen and trusted way of inter-personal communication that has prevailed through history and shall do till the end of forever. People who have been gifted with this skill or have mastered it make easy money by working from home for only about 1 hr. through blogging.

Who are they? — They are content writers, mostly independent bloggers.


  • Written proficiency in any major language of the world, English being the most preferred.
  • A budget to buy and maintain an independent domain.
  • Strong passion for writing is required otherwise you will bog down within no time.


  • Flexible work hours.
  • Independent content production.
  • High-paying ( Depends on quality and monetization of the blog)


An expert blogger makes an estimated of 40,000INR just by writing his favourite content for about an hour or two every day and India is a treasure’s trove when it comes to supporting bloggers. So, opportunities are everywhere!


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