Future Housing is Modular Housing, a unique vision turned into reality

Sunlight LLP CEO Scott Knox talks about future housing


In the world of growing population and demands, housing has turned to be very difficult in terms of area, budget, structure, desired location and much more, but Sunlight LLP based in Maharashtra, India has diminished these barriers with the help of Sr. Architect Mr. Scott Knox who had a very unique vision about housing called “Semi Permanent Housing”.

Honeycomb Housing is a kind of construction that lets you move your house to different location. It has a different setup structure and requires 5 hours to be finely constructed. The buildings are situated on a foundation of metallic structures of different configurations according to the type of building they construct. The modular design makes the housing easy and comfortable.
The task of constructing such house advances through a process where a metallic frame namely “space frame” is set-up as support and a deck is placed as the platform. Bamboo frames are raised and walls are lifted with the roofs placed on giving the finishing touches to the structure.

According to Mr. Scott Knox “People need more than Just shelter”, and honeycomb constructions let you build the type of buildings you want. These are not only designed for houses but can also accommodate hospital structures, community house, festive celebration halls and much more. These amazing features are availed with considerably affordable cost of living with sustainable solar electric, harvesting rain and bio digested waste converted to cooking gas.
Mr. Scott Knox, Sr. Architect Sunlight LLP is the man behind such a wonderful research that turned out to be reality, what was expected to be the future.
They offer many types of pavilion for different purposes.
Pavilion Types:

  • Community Pavilion (CP) Housing
  • Sanitary Pavilion (SP) Community WC
  • Forum Pavilion (FP) Educational / Mixed-use
  • Tele-Clinic Pavilion (TC) Medical Pavilion


The challenges honeycomb pavilions face while building such constructions in India are the expectations people have. People aim for houses of different size, structure and design whereas honeycomb pavilions never fails to reach the mark with their advance modular housing.


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