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From Money less man to Money Training guru – Raajh Shekar, who talks about Money, Teaches about Money

One of the well known Life Coach and Money Training Guru in India

Mr. Raajh Shekhar, popularly known as MONEY GURU by his workshop participants and as Money Raajh Shekhar by his colleagues is a Certified NLP & Law of Attraction Practitioner.

After completing his Engineering in 1986, Mr. Raajh Shekhar he worked as a department head for one of the export and import company. He was not satisfied with his life and career. At that time, he came across one of the personality development programs by Mr. Diwakar Ravula and realized that its nothing called fate but we are not realizing our potential. ” In the year 1998, he lost his job as the company was locked out. By the year 2000, in three years he did all sorts of activities from trying another job to doing business etc., in those three years, he tried at least 6 different things to survive. All his money deposits vanished, left with no money, no direction not knowing what to do. Exactly at that time as if a god sent a messenger, one of his friend called up to join him for some seminar. As the speaker, Mr. Suresh Padmanabhan was revealing some secrets of MONEY, he got shocked as he realized how careless and ignorant he was in the area of money. That talk made him understand the misconceptions (most of us have) about.

Raajh Shekhar invited Mr.Padmanabhan to Hyderabad to organize a program called as money workshop.  There he realized that having talents and ability is different and making money is entirely different. Since then he was the local organizer for these programs.  Raajh Shekhar started to translate Mr.Padmanabhan’s teachings to Telugu. In 2002 with the motivation and guidance of the same guru, he had realized his own potential and training abilities. He entered into training industry in 2001 & did programs in schools, colleges, engineering colleges, universities and for corporates. He was organizing this money workshop for Mr. Suresh Padmanabhan, and large number of Telugu people started attending it. With the permission of Mr.Padmanabhan, he started to organize his Telugu workshops separately. That’s how VR Money Magnets  Journey was started.

Raajh Shekhar says generally we come in contact with money in three dimensions

                      Dimension 1-WHEN MONEY COMES into OUR LIFE

We always wonder, how less qualified, less deserving, less talented than us earn more than us. How much ever we struggle we experience some unseen glass ceiling to our income. Someone else grabs money earning opportunity right from under our nose and we can’t even stop it. What we got in our cup slips away before it reaches our lip.


Hardly, yes, it hardly stayed with us.  Earning money is like digging the ground with a needle, and it goes like a balloon pricked with the same needle.  Comes in like a turtle, goes out like a rabbit.  We hardly save a little, some unforeseen expenditure comes and whroooom! Money is gone.  We accumulate in months and years, it goes in minutes and hours (sometimes seconds too)  We wonder how some people not only having a hold on money, make assets and money earns more money for them.


Even though we spend very carefully, do we get the right to benefit?  How many times did we realize that we spent in a wrong place in wrong way unconsciously?

His signature programs are VR Money magnets, Ichcha Prapthi, “Convincing Sutra”, “Home Sweet Home”, “Breakthrough Money Chakravhyuham” .

For any queries please reach Mr. Raajh Shekhar on 

Mobile Number: 8186000039


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