Everyone wants to be Champion but only a few can achieve


Winning is a habit, all of us would love to win in any competition, Rafael Nadal is an exemplary Tennis player and a real champion. Tennis fans across the world witnessed great skills from Spaniard especially on clay courts, that is why he is branded as “King of Clay” in Tennis.

Nadal dominated the french open ever since he won his first title in 2005 for a period of 15 years, he continued his domination with grit, especially in a sport which is treated as highly competitive, because on any given day all top 10 players have the skills to beat each other, still, Rafael won 13 titles, the remarkable point is no player was able to push him to 5 sets in all these 13 grand slam finals he won, 6 times Nadal won in 3 sets and 7 times opponents were able to win only one set. It shows what a player Nadal is on clay courts especially in the French Open.

In any profession success doesn’t come easily, it requires tremendous hard work with dedication, being a sports lover I remember the early part of Nadal career, during the early stages many experts commented that Rafa doesn’t know how to play volley and in front of the net he was susceptible, like a true champion he has overcome all those weak points and emerged as unbeatable. Rafa played 100 matches in Roland Garros and only lost 2 matches.

In the mid of his career in 2009, Nadal withdrew from few tournaments including french open midway due to injury and many felt he would not be able to come back with the same fitness, but champions are champions they will never give up in life. Nadal came back strong and dominated the game more aggressively than before. In the last 20 years from across the world, Tennis fans witnessed 3 great players, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic. to become a great player and champion the amount of dedication and hard work they put into the game is tremendous.These champions will surely inspire many next-generation youngsters in the future.

Laggani Srinivas

Thought Leader & Strategist
Research fellow in Applied politics & Tennis Player

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