Do honest bureaucrats exist in our society?

Many bureaucrats getting caught by ACB – Anti corruption bureau with massive unaccounted assets


There is a growing descent among public that most of the bureaucrats, public servants in our country are corrupted and they lack the core principle, that they were appointed in government to serve people, this is not good sign for a developing country! In reality, there are few honest and sincere bureaucrats who are also a part of governance. Only because of few public servants who indulge in corrupt practices blaming the entire bureaucracy is not fair. As long as people offer extra bucks to get their work done using the loopholes in the system those corrupt bureaucrats will tend to prevail. The blame not only has to be put on these servants but also on people who persuade them to do it for their own benefits. Whom should we blame? The system or the people or the bureaucrats?


Today CORRUPTION IS A GLOBAL ISSUE, especially in the bureaucracy these days we often see many bureaucrats getting caught by ACB – Anti corruption bureau with massive unaccounted assets and accepting bribes from common people. The astonishing fact is that after few days we’ll forget what happened to that officer and what’s with his job.

I will quote a story that I have experienced in USA, I met NRI businessmen in the state of OHIO, during our random talk he told me that he wanted to start a hotel business and invested a million dollars six months back and yet to start. As per the process he applied to seek permission from the govt. But I was astonished when he told that the permission was not granted as the car parking space they had was just 2 or 3 percent less than the legal space required for that area. When I asked him that it’s just a matter of 2 or 3 percent and it can be managed, he replied me saying that there is noting called manage here and everything should be prick perfect and also explained me how committed the bureaucrats must be and the act of bribing and accepting it is a punishable offence

Does our country need strict laws? It’s a definite yes! Along with that the mindset of people must also be changed. Attitude to fulfill their selfish interests must be changed, people should stop coming up with short cuts to get their work done. Bureaucrats should also develop an attitude of serving people rather than making extra money.


Laggani Srinivas

Laggani Srinivas ( LS) – Political Forecaster & Management Expert
Mr. Laggani Srinivas (LS) is a Certified International Campaign fellow in Applied Politics from Akron University- USA & IIM Calcutta Alumni


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