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Best and popular ways to make money online


In today’s world, ease of access is no longer a notion rather it is a sublime reality. And, app developing, which was once thought to be very critical job which was fit for only experts with over 10 years of experience has become easier than ever.

There are tons of app available online which will help you make your dream app within minutes without any knowledge of programming. Though knowing to code is an advantage but, it is not a necessity.


  • Ability to market your app to your desired store(s).
  • Basic knowledge of how mobile app stores work.


  • One time investment.
  • Unlimited and secure passive income.


If you launch a paid app then you will earn every time a person downloads it but, if you launch a free app then you can monetize it with Ad Mob and keep earning through the ads. Average earning of a successful paid app developer is about 5000INR/month.


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