Despite many challenges, nothing stopped Srishti Jain to turn into an entrepreneur.

Fall but never Quit


Above all challenge yourself, you may surprise yourself at what strengths you have, what you can accomplish. – Cecile Springer.

When life becomes a challenge and you are left at crossroads wondering which path of life to take. You realize that biggest lessons of life are taught ‘by life itself’. And you find yourself the main character of a drama which is your own.

A bubbly cheerful Srishti a happy loving mother, found her life crumbling down when a 12-year marriage ended. Not letting herself drown in tears of pity, remorse or bitterness she started picking up the ‘strings’ of her life again with a determination a ‘Woman’ can crumble but never break.


The biggest strength which makes a Woman cross any hurdle without fear is motherhood. Srishti was very sure her personal battle would not touch the innocence of her growing son. So being a passionate trainer and her love for kids she took up the role of a ‘Speech and drama’ trainer and from past six years is doing a job of teaching the young to face life challenges through the medium of ‘Drama and Soft Skills’. With the support of her parents, she took on a full-time job from a part-time and suddenly transformed from a happy homemaker to an astute professional and a responsible mother.

Learning the ropes of business while working; a craving began to start in her to own an establishment which could fuel her imaginations and visualizations for the future of kids into reality. But when you step into the competitive horizons of the ‘Business World’ you need to be carrying a baggage of expertise, knowledge, and degrees. So Srishti first upgraded her skills …attained the TTT from Bodhih Training Solutions Bangalore and NLP Certification from Nehkagrata, Neha Bhatia.


Just like a bird, her wings were ready to soar into the big blue skies. With a confidence in herself a respect for herself where she realized ‘Sky was her limit’. Encouragement of friends and family ‘Orva‘ ( ) was born and inaugurated on March 14, 2018. Today one can proudly say ‘Orva‘ ( ) has begun its journey knowing the “Woods out there are full of pitfalls failures and difficulties”…but Srishti’s indomitable faith in herself will surely carve out a Success story for herself’.

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  1. I know she can do ! Her conviction, passion,knowledge,courage, positive thoughts can turn a bad phse of life into great opportunities ahead. Wish her all the best in life. She is a devoted mother too.

  2. Wooowwwwww.. So much inspiring and uplifting msgs and lessons evolve out of your hard work and never to let yourself down story dear srishti. Hatts off to your dedication from which one can get inspired nd become self dependent ???Stay blessed and all good wishes fr your future plans ??

  3. Uve earned it big time honey…so so so PROUD OF U… may God bless through ur ladder of success…God bless u my dear

  4. Just one word ” SRISTHI ” that’s what ORVA is.. The future will see this Strong LADY Change LIFE of MANY ?

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