BJP vs all its opponents strategies for 2019 election opened up early

Ruling party vs opposition Strategies for 2019 election


“No-Confidence Motion” discussion branded as “Great Indian parliament show” created a platform for BJP to understand its opponents strategy for 2019 early. 

Last week’s no-confidence motion at our Indian Parliament – Loksabha displayed the strength of various Indian political parties. No-Confidence Motion against Modi Govt was a master piece of entertainment for all the audience who love politics.This kind of debates are good in Democracy. In reality, “politics is politics”, that is what we all witnessed in Loksabha for more than 12 hours on Friday 20th July 2018.

Snippets on the performance of various political parties during No confidence motion 

                                       TDP (Telugu Desam Party )

                                Telugu Desam party got the opportunity to start the debate!

    • For the first time, elected business man & politician Galla Jayadev got the opportunity! Reports published not many senior people in the party were happy choosing Mr.Galla..Few political analysts say Ram Murthy Naidu’s speech was better compared with Galla.
    • TDP focused more on the state bifurcation issues and wanted to highlight injustice done to the state, in reality they tried to cover up their 4 year’s of political association with BJP. TDP partnered with congress party in this entire exercise.
    • It was the same mistake done by erstwhile Andhra political leaders during state bifurcation. When every one knew bifurcation was obvious, they were still shouting for (Samaikyandra) United Andhra and eventually couldn’t ask what they wanted.
    • Even now AP political leaders are doing a similar mistake. The hard fact is “special status” is almost a closed option, but still political parties and leaders are demanding special status. Few months back AP CM announced publicly we have agreed for special package and now there is big U turn.
    • Overall, TDP did not live upto expectations and performed below average                                                                

                                                 TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samithi )

  • TRS MP’s were quick enough to raise objections on Galla’s speech. Meanwhile,Mr. Vinod Kumar -an experienced Member of Parliament and lawyer by profession spoke aptly and highlighted all the points clearly.
  • Telangana leadership is clear on what they want from Central govt. It’s once and again proved that the current elected leaders of Telangana are more focused on region development and welfare of people.


  • PM Modi ji’s statement about Chandra Babu Naidu litigant attitude and praising Telangana chief minister KCR was good compliment for TRS govt.  Prime Minister’s statement once again proved KCR’s maturity and how strong he is in his political strategies. Apparently PM’s statement displayed the Telangana culture.
  • Few analysts say ” Imagine if similar compliments were given to AP – CM, then they would have highlighted it the national media and would have created a big image for Mr. Babu. Here also KCR portrayed his maturity and focused on the work rather than talking on what Prime Minister said.  In people’s  perception TRS scored excellent  


    • After Congress party’s working president Rahul gandhi speech, few national media channels highlighted it as one of his best speeches. However, his naïve actions of hugging, winking was not at all appreciated by many people.
    • Congress president highlighted unfulfilled promises made by BJP – MODI govt.
    • Rahul Gandhi’s speech was best quoted by many analysts and also congress party members, however, will that be sufficient to MODI’s charismatic reply at the end.!?
    • Rahul Gandhi’s statements were like typical 100 meters race, until 90 meters they were ahead but at the finishing moments it’s their rivals emerged as winners.

   Congress utilized the opportunity very well but it was above average


  • It appears BJP utilized the episode for their advantage and managed to get opposition’s target list well in advance for 2019 battle.
  • BJP will now work on this debate list and will be ready on the field to kick the goal election winning.., In a way, BJP has got the main exam’s question paper ( 2019 elections) now itself.
  • Sources indicate BJP already planning massive recruitment ( central govt jobs) and also few sops for business men.




(Author is a management expert studied in IIM Calcutta & Certified International Campaign fellow in Applied politics from Akron University USA)

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