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As we know things have become more handy within these recent years that we no more have to carry our digital cameras, SLR’s and DSLR’s any more unless we are going for a professional photo shoot. The smartphone cameras have evolved in such brilliant manner that it is difficult to say which image is clicked from a digital cam and which one from a phone. Cameras in phones come now a days with a lot of pre-loaded settings and effects and with a manual mode as well to control the camera app, the way we want. So let’s explore which phones are going to be the most effective camera smartphones this year.

In this article we will mostly focus on best cameras of different phones in detail.

Vivo V9
Vivo recently launched this amazing camera phone at a price of Rs 22,990.
Camera Specifications:

  1. It has dual primary camera (16+5) Mega pixels, where the 16 mp camera captures almost every detail with contrast and saturation while the 5 mp camera captures the depth of the field.
  2. It offers an aperture of F/2.0 that clicks some of the most mesmerising shot in low light conditions and has ultra fast auto focus.
  3. There are some really cool features preloaded in the camera app such as slow motion, Time lapse, Live Photo, Shot Refocus, Ultra HD, Professional mode.
  4. It has recording quality upto 4k recording.
  5. Some clicks may resemble as if they were clicked on a DSLR, it is just because of AI Bokeh mode and AI HDR mode.
  6. It has an extremely high quality front facing camera of 24 mp that turn every selfie into a masterpiece.
  7. The front camera has light control which blocks excessive light and give you some decent background touches.
  8. It has a better intelligence about vibrancy, contrast, saturation, beautification, sharpening and a lot more.
  9. It has this new feature called “Shot- Refocus” that means; because of its amazing dual rear camera, we can shift focus from one object to another even after capturing the image.



Honor 9 lite (15,599)
This camera phone is known for the four cameras it has, yes, you heard it right. This Phone has four cameras.

Camera Specifications:

  1. This phone comes with a 13+5 mp rear camera and a 13+5 mp front camera as well.
  2. The rear camera perform really well in day light and gives some really decent pictures that look more like shot with a professional camera.
  3. The best part about rear camera is it allows light as much as it is required for a picture to look good, other than that it has manual mode where one can control exposure, light and even shutter speed also for high speed photographs.
  4. There are some issues with the portrait and bokeh mode, as it turns background very blury which gives it an artificial touch and seems more like edited pictures.
  5. Similarly the bokeh mode, has a bit extra enhancement features, that enhance the picture in terms of vibrancy, saturation and light that it looks less natural.
  6. The front facing camera seems to be doing really well, as it gives amazing photographs and has wide angle range that covers most of your scenic background.


Honor 9 lite

HUAWEI P20 Lite (19,999)
Camera Specifications:

  1. This phone comes with a dual rear camera of 16+24 mp.
  2. This gives ultra high definition photographs that look no less than a professional click.
  3. The bokeh effect and of course the portrait mode comes out to be extremely extraordinary because of it F/2.2 aperture.
  4. It also has 3d portrait lighting effect.
  5. It has a 24 mp front camera.
  6. The camera proves to be extraordinary in day light and brilliantly awesome in the low light conditions.

Rating =4.7/5


Honor 8 pro(22,99)
Camera Specification:

  1. It has 12+12 mp high definition dual primary camera. That means a 12mp camera focuses on detain on the same time another 12 mp camera focuses on the depth of the field.
  2. It also has a 8mp front facing camera.
  3. It has aperture (F/0.95-F/16).
  4. This phone supports ultra high definition video recording and 4k recording as well.
  5. The images and video footages are amazingly sharp and pretty natural.


Honor 8 pro

Moto G5 S Plus (10,999)
Camera Specifications:

  1. It has 13+13 dual primary camera
  2. It has an aperture of (F/2.0, dual LED flash).
  3. It also has an 8mp front facing camera.
  4. Pictures taken from the front camera come out to be really natural high definition in the day light, but images come out to be a bit noisy in the low light.
  5. While the rear camera has the key to low light and professional photography, the images are very clear and high definition.

Rating= 4.3/5



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