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SUZANNA ARUNDHATI ROY is one of the India’s most famous and much-loved author, essayist & activist.  She rose to the apex of wide popularity after her very first novel of ‘The God of Small Things.’She is a politically active writer who passionately writes taking up several causes India as well as abroad. Her political essays have always attracted much attention of her readers to her rational approach.
Arundhati Roy’s works are a must-read for they carry substantial content. The sublime beauty of her works lies in the fact that she portrays realism and tries to unwrap the true picture under the hidden lies.
Here is the list of five of her most powerful books.

The God of Small Things 

the god of small things
Price- Rs. 243

Rating- 4 Stars

This very first novel by Arundhati Roy became a best seller and won 1997 Booker Prize. It revolves around two children named Esthappen and Rahel, set around a Syrian Christian Family in Kerela. Rahel reunites with her twin brother who is now mute and recalls unfortunate event of the past. This heart-wrenching novel is embedded with lots and lots of emotions, basic humor & conspicuous descriptions.
a) Lots of tough words; dictionary recommended.
b) Very touching novel.

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

the ministry of utmost happiness
Price-Rs. 287
Rating- 4 Stars

The plot is influenced from Kasmir Insurgency and Godhra train working and is spread n the span of several years. It weaves the lives of people from different parts of our country living in different societies and shows the reality of the times we live in. The layers of this book, deep language, use of wonderful metaphors, juxtapositions, clear descriptions intrugue its readers.
a) This book awakens the readers by depicting the realities of plight of people of different-diffeent communities, flaws of the society.

Listening to Grasshoppers

listening to grasshoppers
Price-Rs. 187
Rating- 4 Stars

This book is a collection of essays written on Indian Democracy. It is her effort to sensitise the readers by focsing on various political and social events to bring out the grinding realities of India. It goes on the question readers about the hipocrisy of democracy in our country. It unwraps the true ‘behind-the’scenes’ picture of India which is covered up by weaving web of lies by mass media & politicians.
a) This books is a testimonial of the observant skills, rational thoughts, fealessness and unbiasness of Arundhati Roy.

Broken Republic

broken republic
Price- Rs. 198

Rating- 4.5 Stars

This book is clearly a critique on the exploitation of Government. The treatment of the poor is its central focus. It tells about Naxals/Maoist philosophy and how tribals are facing unrest and framed falsely. It criticises democracy talks about farcical picture Governments paints for us.
a) The content is engaging since this book embeds a powerful message about the nepotism & corruption on the part of our Government.
b) Not for light reading but for sensitive reading for those readers who yearn to know about the sad truths of Indian Democracy.

Walking with the Comrades

walking with the comrades

Rating- 4 Stars

This powerful book is a by-product of the travels of the author across the Jungles in Central India. It is another testimony of Arundhati’s brave voice taking a stand against the Government. She portrays the life of fighters for survival. It is the book on rebels and gives meaningful insight on them by trying to present the idea of not to associate Naxalism with Terrorism.
a) Another energetic novel which depicts the struggles of local rebels. Author questions the readers about capitalism.
b) For all those readers who want to know the harsh realities of the Government, who want to know about the lives and struggles of rebels.


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