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7 Best Quinoa you should try in Indian Market

Quinoa keeps you healthy and fit


Looking for Quinoa ? You have visited many websites and you are bombarded with many brands. Not sure which one to purchase? You have landed in the right place. Here, we offer the list of brands and products which have higher consumer ratings and reviews from top online shopping websites.

Benefits of Quinoa
Quinoa is a grain just like rice. It is a whole grain which is a complete grain with fibres. So, basically you can replace quinoa with rice, just that it will be a little bitter. There are several benefits of quinoa some of them are:
1. It has twice the protein content than rice or barley.
2. Quinoa is very good in calcium, magnesium and manganese.
3. It contains useful amounts of several B vitamins, Vitamin E and dietary fibres.
4. It is the least allergic of all grains.

Best Quinoa Products in the Market
Without much delay, let us jump into the list of Best Quinoa Products in the Market. Here you go:


1. Nourish You Organic Quinoa

Nourish You is a start-up which sells organic nutrition rich products. This particular product is priced at ₹736 for a value pack of 3. Shelf life is 12 months from the Date of Manufacturing. We suggest you few of the best Quinoa brands in the market to try.

1. It’s Gluten Free. So, no scope for allergies.
2. Competitive Price when compared to Offline stores.

Nourish You Organic Quinoa


                                2. Great Indian Quinoa

Great Indian Quinoa launched one of the best Quinoa for Indian market.
1. Best quality
2. Affordable price
3. Gluten Free
4. No Allergies

1. Available only in only Metro cities
Contact here



                                                               3. Nourish You

Another one by NourishYou, priced at ₹265/- per pack of 500g. Shelf Life is 12 months from the Date of Manufacturing. Here are the pros and cons.

PROs: ( 93% positive comments)
1. Powerhouse of Protein and Dietary Fiber
2.High contents of all essential amino acids
3.100% Machine processed.Nourish You Organic White Quinoa Seeds                                                                 


                                 4.  Nature Quinoa

This product by By Nature is priced at ₹197/- for 250g. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Rich source of Protein and Dietary Fiber, contains all essential amino acids
  • Gluten-free; suitable for weight loss diets
  • Low glycemic index makes it suitable for diabetics as well
  • Easy to prepare, just like rice
  • Saponin free, no bitter aftertaste

By Nature Quinoa


                             5. Jiva Organic Quinoa

This product by Jiwa is priced at ₹595/- for 1.4 Kg. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Free of Saponin
  • Certified Organic & Indian Origin
  • Gluten Free
  • Complete Protein

Freshly packed & delivered.

Jiva Organic Quinoa


                               6. Naturally Yours Quinoa

This product by Naturally Yours is priced at ₹290 for 500g. Here are pros and cons.


  • Good Packaging

Naturally Yours Quinoa


                       7. Bertins Truefood Whole Quinoa

Bertins Truefood Whole Quinoa is priced at ₹42/- per 100g pack. Here are the pros and cons:


  • Very good quality reported.
  • Good Packaging
  • Easy to prepare
  • Unsalted

So, these were the top quinoa products available online. Do compare these considering your budget and requirements and go ahead shopping. Hope this helps you to make an informed decision. Happy Shopping!!

Bertins Truefood Whole Quinoa


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