FRIENDS” is a sitcom that has captivated viewers of different age groups for years. If you are a true friend’s fan you’ll have fun knowing the following lesser known facts about “FRIENDS”.


  1. Monica’s and Joey’s refrigerators were actually working unlike in many other sets). Monica’s fridge contained water bottles, cold drinks and snacks for the entire crew to eat. Joey’s was mostly empty until it had to be shown in a particular scene.
  2. Matt Le Blanc had a little bad experience on the sets! In the episode “ he One Where Ross Got High” Rachel makes a hideous dessert which Ross tries to finish eating all at once so that Rachel cannot eat it and find out how horrible it tastes. While they were shooting it David Schwimmer ate a lot of it together and spit it out. Matt Blanc was at that moment looking elsewhere and didn’t know this. So he took Schwimmer’s half eaten food on his plate and ate it! And no one said anything! Only later when they were seeing the bloopers did Blanc realise what he had been put through by the crew!
  3. Between season 5 and season 6 Courtney Cox married David Arquette and changed her name to Courtney Cox Arquette. As a little joke Arquette was added to all the names of the cast and crew in the beginning credits of the episode “The One After Vegas”. And here I was thinking it was a typing mistake!
  4. Joey’s character was initially not as naïve as we see him. The producers decided to change the character after Matt Le Blanc auditioned for the role.
  5. Mathew Perry was the only cast member who was allowed to sit with the writers while screen writing because he helped out with jokes and punchlines for the script. Perry was funny not only on screen it seems!
  6. Guess what was constant throughout the 10 seasons of FRIENDS- a Thanksgiving Day episode. However, season 2 is the only season which did not have a Thanksgiving Day episode.


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