13 Google Maps Tricks for Smarter Navigation

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Google Maps has been Man’s best friend when it comes to commercial navigation aid since the day it first launched back in 2005. Over the years, a bundle of features have been baked on this users’ choice application to make navigation and avoiding traffic easy for the common man.
However, many users are still unknown to some very useful tricks and features in Google maps to even enhance everyday life as a commuter. Well, we at SOSHAL unveil you to the 13 features of Google Map that you should be using.

Saving Your Parking Location
Getting Directions of Multiple Location
Making Your Own Map
Controlling the app with Your Voice while at the Steering Wheel
Labelling Your Outdoor Bliss Havens
Downloading Maps for Offline Access
Setting a Default Location
Sharing Your Location
Places And Businesses Nearby You
One-Handed Zoom
Bus and Train timings
Tracking Your Own Movement
Bookmark Parking Lots
All of us have gone through the hassle of hunting for parking lots or spaces in the busy streets of the city. However, with this trick you will no longer need to go sixes and sevens to search for an empty parking space.
To save your parking space on the go, simply click on the “blue dot” and choose “Save your parking” and you have successfully become 1 step closer to being the smartest commuter.
You may also use google assistant, if supported by your device, to save your location.
Get Multiple Route marks at once
All the while you must have used route marking of only a single place. And every time you had to reset marking and select a new location for fresh marking. All the while you would lose precious time and sometimes patience if you are in a hurry.
Well, with this one trick you can wave hands to time loss while marking roads as after applying this, you will be able to get directions for multiple spots at the same time and you can choose which one to highlight first!
To be the best driver of your band, simply set up your direction X point to Y point as usual but, tap the three dot-worm on top right corner and choose add stop option.
You can add as many stops as you wish.
You Need Not be a Cartographer to Make Your Maps!
This feature is most useful when you want to share a plan of your road trip with friends, family or social media. Google Maps gives enables you to create custom maps with markings such as points of interest, directions, routes and much more.
To start making your personalized maps, open Google Maps on your PC, sign in and follow the small map making tutorial and then you’ll be all set to build your maps.
Voice Control the App While Driving
Sometimes, it is very hard to use app amidst heavy traffic or while driving in general. In order to avoid all the hassle, you can use your voice to remotely control your mobile without laying a single finger on it.
Here’s how, first open the application, then click on the microphone icon on top right and dictate your command such as “Show my ETA “to know estimated arrival time.
Label Your Favourite Hangout spots
It can sometimes be frustrating to go out without a plan and end up returning home with half-hearted joy. To avoid such dilemma you can label your top pics for hangout spots in your google maps account to never make a mess out of your dates!
To climb another step closer to smart commuting, simply search for a location or long press the screen to add a pin and label it.
Download Maps to Access them Offline
A big advantage of google maps is that we can download maps to access them anywhere on the go, even without an internet connection. So, you won’t have to worry about sticking your old smartphone to your bike or bicycle when on a road trip.
Moreover, google maps offer a horizontal select toll in Offline maps section and also notify the amount of space the maps occupy. If any update is required to a downloaded map, it will be installed once WiFi is detected.
Set a Default Location
By adding default home, office, school and such locations, you will be able to save precious minutes which may bring you a promotion or maybe a surprise dinner from wife.
Its very simple to do and an automatic google popup comes which asks you to mark default locations, so you won’t have to do any work!
Sharing Your Location
We all have friends who find it very difficult to locate us. Well, Google Map’s sharing feature fends the headache of making 1 hr long calls to explain the way to them.
Here’s how, click on the blue or red pin and select share.
One Handed Zoom
It is often difficult to zoom in a map while at the steering while. But, woe no more as with this trick you will be able to zoom into a map single handedly!
Simple double-tapping your desired section of the map will automatically dive zoom into the spot and you won’t even have to use two hands!
If you wish to dive more deep, all you have to do is just double tap the spot again.
Bus and Train Timings
Google Maps also offer the feature of listing of timings of Bus and Train services operating in your city.
Whilst searching for routes, you have the option to filter results to include various modes of public transport.
The bus routes, the stops and the travel duration are updated per your routes.
Track Your Movements
Have you always been fascinated by spies in movies tracking people. Well, you can now evoke the 007 in you as Google maps offer the feature of tracking your movement if not others!
Heading over to Maps gives you the option of timeline history, here you can track the places you’ve visited or routes you have taken.
You can also delete unwanted history of travel to fool the opposition!


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